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Abdul Taha


Your guide to makeup products

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a month ago
a month ago
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Knowing how to do good makeup is an art and that is exactly why people who know the art are called makeup artists. You need to how to play with colors, whether to place dark shades on a curve or light ones and what goes best on which face shape. That is why makeup artists have taken YouTube, Instagram and other social platforms by storm showing us their makeup routine, teaching us their ways and becoming our gurus or in a more hip and trendy way, influencers.

Though, makeup doesn’t have to be as complicated as they make it. You just choose the right beauty products and you have crossed the first step. You don’t even have to go for branded ones if you are a beginner and think how out of your league they because most of the time there are beauty products on sale in stores to make your life easy.

We are here to help you with what you will need for achieving all kinds of makeup looks for starting your day afresh every morning and ending it on the perfect note. No need to worry about awkward conversations with that girl in your office who always rocks it or scrolling through YouTube when you’re in bed every night because what we will be mentioning is easily available as beauty products in Pakistan.

First things first, you need to have a set of makeup brushes. If your makeup brushes don’t include a brush for blending then you need to buy a beauty blender. You don’t have to go for an expensive one, you can find a cheaper one if you look through beauty products on sale. Then comes a few shades of lip colors. You can either buy lip gloss or lipstick but do not buy cheap matte lip gloss because it wears off very easily even if you drink water and looks terrible. Instead, opt for a bold lip liner for a matte look. A liquid concealer is important. Do not test the shade on your hand; test the shade on your jawline to see if it matches your skin tone, it is a beauty product in Pakistan that is now very easily available.

Next, you need at least two cute shades of blush. You can get a tricolor palette that offers multiple shades. Those come in very handy. Multiple shades are important because light and dark colors complement each other according to the colors of your dress. An eyeliner is a must, it doesn’t matter which one you choose because there are so many to choose from, a liquid brush liner, a liquid liner with a solid brush, pencil liner, gel eyeliner, whatever you’re comfortable with, get an eye shadow palette and use eye shadow as eyeliner but do it. Buy a thick mascara and practice applying it as much as you can because it is one beauty product that will ruin your look the most.

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