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Ronak Shetty


Yoga Vs meditation which is better for you!

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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Yoga is an ancient art of exercise. Yoga provides benefit to body in various ways by helping to calm body, mind, and spirit. The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word Yuj. Yoga is not just a form of exercise for the body but it is also an ancient form of exercise to help in getting healthier, happier, and peaceful way of living which is attained by relaxation of soul. Yoga is not just beneficial for relaxation but it also deals with various aspects to get healthy body.

Benefits of Yoga

  • It helps in relaxing toxins from the body.
  • Beneficial to channelize the proper energy flow.
  • Flexibility of muscles can be attained through yoga.
  • Helps in correcting the posture of the body.
  • Regulates in proper functioning of digestive system, circulatory systems as well as respiratory system.
  • Helpful for strengthening the internal organs which leads to a healthy body.
  • Yoga is also beneficial to lose weight.
  • Helps in health problems such as curing asthma, diabetes, heart problems and many chronic diseases.


No exercise is as beneficial as yoga. It works far more than burning calories and toning body muscles. It is a workout for total mind and body. Yoga helps in flexibility of muscles. If one practices yoga regularly they will see surely notice wonderful and positive physical benefits.

 Yoga, not only helps in getting relaxed and stress free but can also work in improving digestive and immune system. It can also work positively to tone muscles. It gives you energy and helps in staying relaxed. Yoga is termed to be beneficial in improving all the systems of the body.



Meditation gives deep rest to the body. It is an approach which helps in training the mind for getting relaxed and stress free. The ultimate benefit of meditation is making mind free from attachment and any kind of thoughts, by this way only one can concentrate while meditations to get positive results.


Although at present meditation has a short term benefits but many contemporary researchers are conducting researches regarding long term benefits through meditation. Some of the short term benefits are:

  • It helps in lowering the blood pressure.
  • Helps to regulate lower heart rate.
  • Meditation is beneficial for improving blood circulation.
  • Less perspiration.
  • It slows down the respiratory rate.
  • Helpful in problem of anxiety.
  • Leads in lowering the stress.
  • Works to attain deeper relaxation.


Practicing meditations helps you to slow down your breath, calm your mind to find peace. It is also beneficial physically, mentally, and emotionally. Meditations is commonly used for the treatment of mental health disorders, addiction, and to deal with stress problems.

 Doctors mostly suggests to perform meditation along with the intake of prescribed medicines, if the patient is suffering from mental problems such as Migraine, Problems of seizure. It has found that meditations helps to change brain regions which is connected with depression problems.

For instance, scientists have found that the medical prefrontal cortex (mPFC) becomes hyperactive when a person is depressed.

While meditating, the mind functions in a proper ways without any depression. This makes us to be more focused and be better in life. Meditation results in huge benefits in life if performed daily. You can visit our website as well for more such health related articles

Thank you for your time.



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