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Suruchi Bhargava


Finding it Hard to Hit the Gym Regularly? These Reasons will Motivate You to Go.

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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We know we need to hit the gym to keep the weight off and remain healthy, but we still don’t. After a long day at work, the couch seems so inviting that even though you swore a million times to go to the gym, you just cannot make it. We’ve all been there!

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Other than wrapping your head around the cardiovascular health benefits, reduced risk of diseases, improved focus and getting a perfect body, here are the reasons to leave that couch and hit the gym.

1. You will feel great about yourself!

You don’t need to necessarily look like a fitness model to feel good about yourself. Just going to the gym regularly and putting in the effort would help you do so. You feel much better and more comfortable about your body when you work out, and it boosts your confidence and body positivity. Also, looking at your toned abs doesn't hurt either.

2. Me time

Gym gives you the best me time. When you work out, you’re away from all the distractions. You are present and mindful, definitely not thinking about the number of likes on your new Instagram post when you’re lifting weights that heavy or about the sale on that shopping website when you’re running on the treadmill. This is very important considering the limitless distractions we all have in our lives!


3. Makes you happy

Exercise is a stress-buster. It releases happy hormones like endorphins, and will leave you feeling jaunty and satisfied. The level of hormone dopamine is high while you’re working out and the level of serotonin increases after your workout, making you feel good. If you had a bad day or you’re just down in the doldrums, go sweat it out!

4. Develops patience

Sports teach you the virtue of patience. You are not going to get that body you want by showing up to the gym once a month. It requires consistency and practice. You need to work on those muscles regularly for them to get stronger. Soon you start applying the same logic to deal with other life situations that need patience and persistence.

5. Gym buddies

We cannot undermine the importance of having a workout partner. Tons of studies have shown how having a gym buddy can improve your fitness. Gym buddies help you keep motivated and make workouts fun. It also becomes easier to try new workouts. Pushing each other and healthy competitions make you perform better. Gym is a great place to make friends in the adult world, especially when your colleagues are boring.

6. Sense of accomplishment

You will have a sense of accomplishment every time you hit the gym and perform better. When you set yourself some personal fitness goals and you work your ass off to reach them, there is no stopping you. Raise the bar and keep striving for improvement because there’s always enough room for it!

7. The right attitude

Exercise teaches you the attitude you need to win at the game of life. It shows you can achieve what you thought to be impossible. You master acceptance and look forward to learning more. You discover that you improve phenomenally when you are consistent in your effort, understand that rough times are ephemeral and the journey is the true reward. 

Sitting might be the next smoking. It reduces the energy your body burns. The level of fat burning enzyme lipase is significantly dropped when you keep sitting on that chair all day long. Exercise not only gives you a killer body but also boosts brain function, has an immediate effect on your heart and helps you get a goodnight sleep!


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Bhavik Chugh

This is very well penned.

5 months ago 
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Adnan Shaikh

Superb, thanks for sharing!!!

5 months ago