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a month ago
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Making choices in the U.A.E can be very simple. To party or not to party, to build an empire by saving up, or to build a social network by spending. The simplicity of choices in the UAE has made it a land of opportunities where its citizens can focus on working and the rest of the decision in life don’t require much thinking.

Living in a fast paced city like Dubai life can be a constant battle between being out of the fire pan and into the fire. Everyone in the city is busy making a name for themselves or making money.

In an environment like this only the sharpest minds can survive which can find out opportunities even in the most repetitive or simplest of tasks.

This can only be achieved by paying to minute details and highlighting opportunities that can turn out to be beneficial in long run.

One of the many little details that we turn a blind eye to is tackling the telecommunication giants in the UAE when it comes to emptying our pockets.

With telecom packages and malls being ever so expensive in the UAE it is hard to save money and fulfill our wishes at the same time. This is only possible if we keep an eye out for all those mouthwatering discounts that are offered from time to time. Many discounts are offered on special occasions for a limited time except for a few that are valid throughout the year. Yes your heard it right.


The best one yet is what telecommunication companies call Mobile Network Portable. It is a service in which you can switch your connection from one telecommunication to the other in the UAE without changing your number.

Switching from one company to another has its own benefits. Each telecom tries its level best to steal customers from the other. Hence, they offer all sorts of attractive discounts and offers.

Switching from Etisalat to Du has its own perks to enjoy and hold tremendous value. But let’s be a little greedy and find ways ourselves by going for even more benefits. This is only possible if the switching process is carried out through one of Du’s authorized channel partner. In my advice (you can disagree of course) Al Wafiq Electronic Trading LLC provides the most benefits when porting your number from Etisalat to Du.

Benefits of Switching to Du

·        These perks include 100 AED discount on shopping.

·        Free Sim Card

·        75 AED discount for 2 Months on plans that are above 200 AED

·        Number does not change.

·        Free subscription to the entertainer app

·        Free subscription Anghami App

·        3 months free amazon Prime

And that is not all. By subscribing to their 200 AED+ plan you get free subscription to the entertainer app that has discounts all year long on multiple restaurants and malls.

Free subscription to Anghami app where the user can enjoy unlimited music

And 3 months free Amazon Prime to watch all your favorite shows!

This becomes very beneficial in the long run since postpaid plans need to be paid at the end of the month. So you can enjoy all the benefits now and pay later.

The 2 months 75 AED discount is for all those good customers who pay their bill on time and the best part is that the number of months depends on the plan you subscribe to meaning the bigger the plan the more the months of 75 AED discount you have.

So these plans are divided into 3 main categories Smart Plan, Emirati Plan, Power Plan.

Difference between these plans is of flexible and local minutes where one offers international calling minutes, the other focuses only on National calls and the third offers massive mobile internet data with local and national minutes which ever you choose.

Switching from one telecom to another takes about 24-48 hours where the customer representative collects all the required documents from where ever you want them to.

To sum it all up. These channel partners try their level best to grab customers. So Why not take advantage of that? Unfortunately these perks are only available for postpaid customers not prepaid, but don’t worry switching from prepaid to postpaid can be done before your day ends!

So switch your plan now and make your money worth the spend! 

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