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Why general transcriptionist jobs are popular as a work from home option in the Philippines?

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2 months ago
2 months ago
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Transcriptionist jobs are very popular, more so as a freelancing job or as a work from home job in many countries of the world, including the Philippines. In fact, in this country, many expats as well as homemakers and fresh graduates are working as transcriptionist. These are easily available in the country and best opted for by many because of the flexible timings offered by many companies.

There are different types of transcriptionist jobs, the most popular one being the medical transcription jobs. But, in the Philippines, getting general transcription jobs is easier as compared to medical transcription jobs. Most companies prefer to hire experienced or certified medical transcriptionists. While in general transcriptionist jobs, not much experience is required. It’s more of a hands-on training job.

Transcription means listen to an audio file, either in-person or through a recorded file and then typing out what you hear. It is easier to get started doing general transcription jobs, where the candidates get to listen to business meetings, court hearings, official briefs, educational lectures, and many other audio files, which are then transcribed into a written format.

Who are eligible for general transcriptionist jobs?

If you know to type in a decent speed and you are a good listener, you are good to be a transcriptionist. Of course, knowledge of computer software and comfortable using Microsoft word, excel, downloading of files and capable to do research are additional requirements to apply for transcriptionist jobs in the Philippines.

Skills to do well in transcriptionist jobs

  • Be accurate and efficient 
  • Should have the ability to meet tight deadlines
  • You should be expert in spelling, punctuation and grammar skills 
  • Last but not the least, be professional in both phone and office etiquette.

Why general transcriptionist jobs are popular as a work from home option?

While there are some employers in Philippines that require candidates to do transcriptionist jobs on-site, there are many other companies that require candidates to do the job from home. The reason being, most transcription jobs can be easily done at home once the initial training is over as transcription is a non-phone job. Plus, these jobs can also be done by fresh students as well as homemakers. All they need is a laptop or computer, good internet connection and good typing speed. Once the initial training is over, they can work from home in freelance transcriptionist jobs. These jobs give flexibility in working and also pay well. Working from home allows you to work at your own pace. As a freelancer, you can take up as many projects as you want. But make sure, you give quality work and deliver on time so that you get repeat clients.

Salary range

The freelance salary is paid on hourly basis or in lump-sum after the completion of the project. But, for permanent employees, it is usually paid as a monthly salary. Depending on the company in which you work, the salary amount varies. It is reported that medical transcriptionists usually earn more than general transcriptionists. Experts suggest that to do well in transcription jobs, candidates should first join the lower-paying companies in the Philippines for practice only. For full-fledged career option, they should join larger companies in the country. With experience and skills, a transcriptionist can earn anywhere between $50 and $60 per hour. Some employers pay on the basis of per page payment, which can range between 1$ and 5$. 

Equipment needed for general transcription jobs as freelancers

If you need to work as a freelancer in transcriptionist jobs, there are few essential requirements:

  • Make sure, your Internet is high-speed and reliable so that there is no disturbance in sending and receiving audio files.
  • There is the need for a foot pedal as it helps to fast forward, pause or rewind the audio files with your feet. Your hands need to be kept free for quick typing. Without a foot pedal, your work becomes very slow. 
  • At times, your employer provides you free software with many features and which helps you to connect your foot pedal to your computer. These features include multi-channel control, audio and video controls, and file management and so on.
  • A headset is a must to focus on the sound.
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