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Aaroohi Dudeja


Why Game of Thrones Will Always be Remembered in the History of Television?

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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Whenever there’s a buzz about TV shows, it cannot go without the mention of this famous show ‘Game of thrones’ that has grabbed the audience’s attention since 2011. All of us have heard someplace or other people mentioning phrases that are now being used as slangs- ‘Winter is coming’ or something like ‘Valar Morghulis’, well this is the show responsible for such an enslavement. Also, currently the excitement is high amongst the masses because the show’s final season has finally started to air. 

Game of Thrones started off in 2011 as a show based on George R.R. Martin’s ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ and gathered a huge fanbase thus keeping audience excited for almost every season. The show has a strong storyline based on seven kingdoms across the continents of Essos & Westeros and shows a very rustic yet believable plot. The show focusses strongly on emotions, duties, rights, kings and kingdoms along with darkness of incest, lack of respect for various forms of nature and humans. It has attracted a lot of audience not only abroad but here as well and the show has been well acclaimed by critics for clear display of complex characters, storyline, scope and has also been criticized for nudity and violence. But what is it that makes this show amazingly different from the rest? Is it the storyline, the strong language, the racy content or something else? Well, after watching the show, one can say that everyone would literally perceive it in a very different sense. 

To begin with, the show is a lot to take in for one episode which is nearly 55 minutes and it keeps one engaged because you blink and you miss out on something that could have been a very important development in the show. The show will keep you constantly engaged because of presence of a lot of characters, each one very different from the other yet amazing in themselves. In a world of monotonous and silly content, this show takes out the brainy content and portrays it in a politically correct sense (even if the setting is incorrect).

The show also explores more than ethical, intelligent and complex drama which focusses on stuff like sex, violence, relationships, etc. It will make your brain take a whole ride in one episode wherein you get a full dose entertainment along with some inside the box content. The show can always prove you wrong and you are never able to correctly judge what’s going to come. Killing main characters, war at any point of time, small arguments turning into fatal fights, bad guys developing conscience are some of the things that keep the adrenaline rush high.

The characters in the show develop slowly and they tend to change in a snap. The characters who appear to be really nice and righteous, sometimes commit horrific mistakes. The female characters are even more diverse than the male characters and as always, they do the task of navigating a man’s world. Cersei is one of the strongest and most dynamic female characters in the show. She has an evil side even after being a victim of the male dominated world. Other female characters like Arya and Daenerys emerge as really vibrant characters after being victimized for a while. As for the female counterparts, we see Tyrion Lannister or as they call him ‘The Imp’ is very intelligent and really witty. He appears like a trickster telling everyone witty and historical stories. 

The show is set in the Medieval time and it draws similar references from the same. It appears to have taken inspiration from the modern-day world by exposing the audience to the taste of political drama, mystery, socio-economic clashes amongst the infamous dragons! With every episode, the viewers can expect something better to happen in the next episode and the excitement amongst the audience actually shows. Kids and adults have started grabbing GOT merchandise and they eagerly wait for the fresh episode that airs weekly.

Kings, knights, queens, white walkers, dragons and so many others, just fighting to gain control of the Iron throne has been keeping everyone intrigued for over 7 years now. The show is in its last season and the audience really expects a blockbuster ending with the satisfaction of knowing who sits on the Iron throne. It wilfully tugs on the emotional chords displaying sadness, anger, lust amongst some other emotions and combines the inner and the outer world while taking on every possible aspect of giving a good entertainment dose.

Thankfully for everyone, Winter has come and now the viewers can enjoy the last season of this show and recollect the amazing factors of this series.

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