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Why EFL Championship is One of the Most Underrated Leagues in the World

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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The English second tier boasts the action and unforeseeable drama that can put many top tier leagues around the world to shame. We take a look at why the Championship deserves the attention it doesn’t always get.


Nine points separates the first team from the twelfth. The twelfth placed team is equally prone to both promotion and relegation. Fourteen points separates the relegation contenders to that of promotion. The whole table can go upside down before the end of the season.

Just another day in the English second tier.

While the Premier League runs away with the viewership with its charm and glitter and the fact that it’s the first division, the EFL Championship is left ignored rather undeservedly.

Here are a few facts that makes the Championship bizarre -

1. Everyone’s gunning for promotion

Leicester’s Premier League triumph in 2016 might be a once in a decade thing, but clubs inexplicably winning the championship out of nowhere is no new feat. Even the teams arriving fresh from the League One have at least the top six spot in their sights. Same goes true at the other end of the table. Sunderland’s back to back relegation from Premier League into the League One is one of many examples.

2. World class teams

The Championship features more internationals than any other second tier league in the world. On any given day, a Championship team can outplay a Premier League one, which is often seen in the Carabao Cup rounds.

3. Mouth-watering budgets

The Championship clubs out value a number of first-tier clubs across the European continent.

4. Anyone can beat anyone

There’s no prospect for an absolute upset. Every team is gunning for the top spot. Anyone can be beaten. You can say that every team is equally good and at the same time spectacularly bad.

5. Post league drama

The spectacle doesn’t end with the end of league round matches. While the top two teams at the end of the season gain automatic promotion to the Prem, the next four teams battle it out among themselves for the third promotion spot.

6. The British swagger

Everyone loves a healthy tussle. English football prides itself in playing rough and dogged. While the first tier has gone more technical and a fusion of all sorts of tactics having been influenced by football players and coaches all over the world, the Championship still boasts a great deal of old school scruffs and tackles.

Honestly, you need to see it to believe it. The Championship brings with it not only real bouts of world class game but also the enjoyable rugged amateur English rigor.

By Anshuman Joshi

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