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5 months ago
5 months ago
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What is Morocco?

Located in North Africa and classified as the 58th biggest nation in the world, Morocco is a Muslim country with the historical cultural values of diverse nations like Barbers, Arabs, and Africans. Morocco has a thousand years of old history and best recognized for it in the whole world. Every year it becomes the travel destination of millions of visitors who come here to discover the ancient architectures, palaces and places of Morocco.

Morocco’s government has improved a lot of amenities regarding travel for travelers. Morocco attracts its guests with the long golden beaches, colorful spice souks, cool resorts, snow-capped the high Atlas Mountains and traditional villages. Everyone enjoys a lot here in Morocco with their families and friends in their Morocco holidays 2017.

1.     Be sure about vaccinations before you go:

It will be a better choice for you to keep some vaccines with yourself but for Morocco, you don’t need to keep any vaccine because visitors may get inoculated to prevent from these things such as rabies, Hepatitis, and other serious diseases. As CDC recommendation, mostly travel countries have strict rules if someone has a serious disease and yet not vaccinated.

2.     Languages:

In Morocco, people speak an attractive mixture of Berber, English, Arabic, and French. You will hear a number of languages spoken by Morocco locals such as Welcome, mabruk and many others. 

In larger cities, English is well understood by locals and other visitors. In the advanced cities, there are a lot of travelers stay in their cheap Morocco holidays. A great mixture of every race in the cities will amaze you with their unity in one country.

3.     Customs and values:

Morocco is an ancient country with a long history that is difficult for one person to explore. With the customs and values of Islamic culture, Morocco is an Islamic state where people do not over cross the Islamic culture like quaking, eating or pointing to another for a handshake with the left hand.

4.     Drinks and drugs:

Despite being a citizen of a Muslim country, Morocco’s local people do all the stuff which is not legal like drinking alcohol or drugs such as Hashish is somewhat common in Morocco. In the largest cities of Morocco like Casablanca or Marrakech, drugs, Alcohol or any illegal stuff can be found very easily in the night bars or clubs. In the Aissawa, a musical party which is very sacred and when it held, many Sufism practices are exemplified and famous in the whole world. In this party, dancing and spinning is a very common act which changes the state of mind according to many Sufi’s in the party.

5.     Important things you must think to keep with you:

  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, and moisturizing lip balm
  • A hat, a cap or a Cheech ... something to protect your head what!
  • Comfortable and light cotton clothing in all seasons. Small wool for the evenings in the hot season. A warm jacket or a waterproof coat for winter evenings
  • A swimsuit!
  • If you are a trekker then: the panoply of the adventurer (walking shoes, travel backpack, sportswear clothes etc.)
  • Especially if you travel off the beaten path: the emergency medicine kit (doliprane, intestinal antiseptic, anti-diarrheal type Ercefuryl, tablets to purify water type Microspore and your usual medicines if you take)
  • An empty and open mind, no prejudices any!

Morocco is a place where you can find everything you want from relaxing on a beach to dancing in a night bar in the advanced cities of this country in your cheap Morocco holidays. Finding beautiful places with the discovery of many traditional ethics, you will immerse yourself in great Morocco.

Enjoying morocco climate in the winter season in the high Atlas Mountains valleys will always remain the part of your whole life whether you spent your Morocco holidays 2019 in Marrakesh or in the old Medina of Fez. 

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