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What offers and discount Eid 2019 brought in the UAE.

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a month ago
a month ago
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The most celebrated and blessed day in the Muslim world is Eid ul Fitr. This day is enjoyed by every Muslim on this planet and comes bearing gifts for everyone.

Eid ul fitr is the perfect time for marketing. Many companies regardless of their market share take full advantage of this these 3 days. In the UAE however many companies find it as an opportunity to leave a mark on the hearts of their customers.

They do so by providing extravagant discounts on their product or service. These discounts at some point start generating loss for the companies but in return offer brand loyal customers and bring great value to the business. 

Skyscanner Discount:

Okay so what do you do when you hear that you have a week long payed holidays ahead of you? TRAVEL. Yes you either travel to your home country or a dreams destination you always wanted to go to but never had the time. Skyscanner a travel fare aggregated website and a travel meta search engine took the best advantage of this situation and launched two new in app tiles that offer 25 percent discount on a number of amazing destination world wide(

Amazon Super Saver Week:

When everyone is at it why not amazon ? I mentioned above that regardless of the market share and how strong a company’s image is, Eid is a day when no one wants to be left behind cashing out on the opportunity to get more customers. That’s exactly what amazon is doing with their limited time offer on a variety of products such as electronics, beauty, books, home and kitchen.(

Mama’s and Papa’s:

So its mandatory for clothing brands to offer discount on their product. Since the spirit of Eid lies within shopping till your toes bleed. But being a multinational brand and offering 75% discount on your product is no less than a stunt to leave a mark on the hearts of your customers. This is exactly what M&P is doing. A discount like this does not necessarily mean that the business is driven by monitory benefit, instead its something far beyond business standards. It is something done genuinely for the customer.(

Du Telecom:

Everyone is in on it so why leave the telecommunication giant out of it. On the verge of launching 5G in the UAE how can we expect to see Du off the marketing world and go AWOL? This is the perfect time for Du to show off its speed. And that’s exactly what our favorite telecom did. By offering a whopping boost of straight up 500 MBPS speed on all plans. Du has proven that the spirit of Eid and its discount go beyond marketing and monitory benefits. Not only this but Du has advised its authorized channel partners to take extra care of their customers and provide top level service when they subscribe a plan from them.

Giving is the spirit of Eid Ul Fitr and all brands big or small contribute to this auspicious occasion. These discounts are very beneficial for the customers and build a stronger bond between a brand and its consumer that goes beyond the concept of mere business deal or monitory exchange. As the Eid spirit lives on each year and grows only stronger brands come up with better and more value additional discounts for their customers.  

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