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Suruchi Bhargava


What Is It Like To Be An Entrepreneur?

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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'Multitude of people dislike their jobs' would be an understatement, they detest it! No matter what we do, we really get jaded and fed up of the nerve wracking 5-6 days a week schedule and wait desperately for the weekend as an escape from the mundanities of life. Monday blues are real! But then, there are Entrepreneurs, who get up every single day excited about work. It exhilarates them. What are these people even made of?

Purpose is the word. Entrepreneurs are not just people who are their own bosses but these are individuals who start something of their own, it can be something novel or conventional but full of passion and love. These people are brimming with energy and dedication, and spend almost all of their time on personal ventures unless it’s a side hustle.

The life of an entrepreneur looks really fancy and glamorous; you have the power, you get to make money doing something you love, what else could someone possibly want? But being an entrepreneur is a herculean task. You have to work harder than everyone else and don’t even think about having a social life outside your business, not going to happen.

The successful entrepreneurs give their all to business leaving no stone unturned, from the moment they get up to the time they go to bed, everything has to be about business. In the taxing days before the business finally takes off, there is no room for anything else. They don’t even have tad bit time for leisure. Work is business, leisure is business too. Also, people are going to tell you “you are crazy”.

An entrepreneur compromises on a lot of things to pursue his/her dream. There is plentiful stress involved and it’s so natural to buckle under the pressure but definitely not an option if you call yourself an entrepreneur. You have to take the risks and just be as purposeful as you can. You have the onus to not just build something that you find spectacular but more importantly, something that people would fall in love with, which is the key. There has to be a mindset change to that of a doer.

It’s paramount for entrepreneurs to create something that imparts value. It’s imperative for them to be the best in their niche, they have to learn it lock, stock and barrel, know everything there is to know about what they are in for and keep learning. Stopping to learn is stopping to grow when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is sublime and magnificent in its own way and that is the reason why people are willing to put in 15 hours a day and oodles of effort. It’s an ineffable feeling to have found your passion and dream and following it brings a whole different kind of fulfillment. You aren’t in it just for money, it’s a part of you; a part you created with blood, sweat and tears. It makes you rapturous and most importantly happy.

Entrepreneurship changes every conceivable facet of your life. It is what drives people to give their business everything, keep believing even when they see no hope and make it happen. It’s about doubling down the effort, being relentless and driven. In the times of self-doubt, it will be the passion that keeps you going. You win when you do not lose sight of the bigger picture. You keep going regardless of the adversities. You persevere!

Isn’t it worth a try?

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Bhavik Chugh

Ok so what I really like about your articles you know how to match the frequency and connect with the reader. Being an entrepreneur I want to highlight this phrase from your article which is 100% true. "You aren’t in it just for money, it’s a part of you; a part you created with blood, sweat and tears." Kudos!! Suruchi you have a bright future.

5 months ago 
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Shivam Singhal

Nice blog, after reading this I think it's definitely worth a try!!

5 months ago