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What Do Companies Look for in College Students During Recruitment?

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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Many employers today feel that recent college graduates are falling short in their preparedness to join the workforce. The qualities that result in job success are becoming harder and harder to find in college graduates, according to many findings from education research authorities. What are these qualities? Why are they lacking in the youth and how can we develop them? Let’s find out:

Your GPA Can Land You An Interview But Not Necessarily The Job

Most companies have a minimum GPA requirement ranging between 7 and 8, same is the case for those courses that work with percentages and not credits. Of course, higher the GPA better your resume. GPA has a significant impact in the interview selection process. However, once the candidate is in the interview, his GPA will have little impact and his answers will make all the difference.

Studies have shown that 91% employers value interview performance more than GPA in their ultimate hiring decision. Only 25% of employers thought that GPA was the first or second most important factor when reviewing an applicant.

So, a good GPA matters. That said, it appears to be more important before the interview, than afterwards.


Employers often look for resumes that show hints of teamwork in the candidate’s past projects. You will essentially work in a team once employed and for the team to be effective, each and every member should put the team above their own selves. Teamwork also requires agreeableness, a good understanding of the job, communication and transparency.

Student conferences in universities, final year projects and internships where you might’ve worked in teams will play an important role in your resume. Your participation in sports or any activity which might require you to collaborate with others will also add to your skillset. So make sure that you start integrating yourself into different teams, working with them to achieve a larger goal.


If you stay in a company long enough, you will eventually have to take up a leadership position. Leadership comes with greater responsibilities and the ability to fulfil them under pressure. As a leader, you will be responsible for your team and any of their mistakes would fall directly on your head. An employer will not expect leadership out of you from the get go but will surely search for signs of the same in your personality.

Your senior year in college is essential for this. Leading student conferences or any other teams, in general, can be a good reflection of your potential for leadership.


Communication is an essential soft skill to have. It’s not just spoken skills that are important here, but also your body language and gestures. Communication is tested big time in HR interviews and is often a major reason for rejection for many Indian students.

There is no better place to learn communication and open up your personality than college. Your peers, your seniors, your faculty members, all contribute to your development. Observe seminars and participate in events that push you out of your comfort zone. Communication comes with time and confidence. You can earn both by participating in debates, mock interviews, seminars and other such events.

By Lakshya Tyagi

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