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Prabhasis Singh


What After An Economics Degree

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a month ago
a month ago
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Economics honors has been one of the most sought after topics in the recent decade. A course with a healthy cut-off and a vast syllabus has been a popular pick for students because it has so much to offer. 

Here are some options you could opt for after you are done with your graduation -


If you wish to study further in order to specialise more in the field and make yourself eligible for lucrative jobs then it's highly recommended for you to pursue a master's degree or PhD in Economics.

2. Government Sector

Reserve Bank Of India (RBI), PSUs offer attractive job positions which could be a perfect start for your career. One can also apply for Indian Economic Services(IES) which is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and become an IES Officer.

3. Private Sector

Many MNCs like McKinsey, Delloite requires economists who can work on financial or investment analysis. A job of an analyst is quite a common option for Economics Hons. students.

4. Consultant

Working for a consultancy, as an economic advisor or an economist can get you a healthy income. However, for these kind of jobs you need to have a master's degree and lot of experience in the field of research and analysis.

5. Teaching

One could become a professor in a college or a teacher in a school. However, a professor's job will require you a PhD in Economics which you can pursue after your bachelor's.

6. Economic Journalist

If you have a zeal for writing articles, essays then this job is for you. You can pick this position and can have your articles published in magazines and newspapers.

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