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Rumi Sultana



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5 months ago
5 months ago
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We can not remember the moment we came here in the world, can we? We were fully and of course beautifully ignorant then, right? But once we grow up, at some point we start thinking in our conscious or subconscious mind that we have learned something. By then, we have already killed the innocent, cute, ignorant, and certainly, the curious child in ourselves and a pure heart is already corrupted. We think we are self-sufficient, but the reality is we are always needy. Only Allah the Almighty, our Lord is self-sufficient. As a result, we start showing reluctance in following the guidance of Allah from our heart.

In this grand and magnificent Universe of unimaginable mystery, are not we actually absolutely ignorant? Now tell me, my friend, when do we long for guidance? Yes, you are right, when we are lost and ignorant. Are not we lost and ignorant? Do we really know where do we come from, where are we going to, what is the purpose of the free gift of our cognitive, physical and mental abilities and our sensitive heart? We know nothing of them inherently. So we do need someone to tell us for putting our lives into perspective, we need 'maps' and 'compass' for our obligatory journey through this unknown forest that we are visiting the first time. Accept the fact that we are lost and we are ignorant. Be the child again.

When we know nothing about our disease, we follow the doctor's guidance i.e. the prescription blindly, don't we? We just believe in the doctor's knowledge and expertise blindly. Oh, who has the greater expertise and knowledge about our lives than that of the Creator of lives. How can we so easily throw away His guidance? We just have to realize our true status and be humble enough to receive the guidance effectively. If we can not be humble then we are arrogant fools meant to be doomed eternally,  because the arrogance of such tiny beings brings nothing but destruction.

So whenever we are hesitant or lazy to follow Allah's guidance, we should check inside ourselves if any tiny seed of the poisonous arrogance is growing in our heart.

May Allah guide us to the straight path. (Ameen)

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