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Swarntam Saurav


Wayward Aspirations

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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A parting so pleasing

Intense desire of appreciation

stubborn thoughts of warmth beating

knocking nerves for assassination

to world acknowledge other half

unrevealed tale of addictive sentiments

mixing impossible dreams with a laugh

an art of loyal heart

admitting with a whisky

increasing chances with shots

incapable without wine in belly

adding catalyst through smokes

Ashes! reminding forthcoming

happiness vanishing in a blink

sudden electrification of body

enough tears to shrink

can bear all for the day

for the love to show

heat of clutch

passionate kiss on lips

filling spaces between fingers

the smile of your happiness

And what defines the togetherness

for all chemical reactions in brain

it deserves to be your soulmate

dreaming of you and ayn

the other half to complete

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