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Indrita Ganguly


Elections 2019: Violations of Election Commission Codes Which Have Created a Havoc!

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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The upcoming election has everyone rattled. Many MPs and MLAs have been on the news for all the wrong reasons and the ECI has been accused of favouring the ruling party. Numerous allegations have been made and in this article, we are going to discuss some of them. 

1. Yogi Adityanath’s statement about the armed forces

Source- Hindustan Times

During a rally in Ghaziabad, the CM of UP said that the previous party fed biryani to the terrorists whereas Modi's Sena (the armed forces of India) fed the terrorists only bombs and bullets. This statement has led to many controversies and the ECI has warned Adityanath to not make such statements in the near future. Though ECI issued a warning it doesn’t seem to be having any effect as the propaganda is spreading as we speak.

2. NaMo TV

Source- BJP/Twitter

This channel broadcasts Modi's propaganda on a regular basis but the problem with this is that it is in clear violation of the Code Of Conduct. Many people have asked the ECI to ban the look into the matter and ban the channel. But a lot of people have refrained from commenting on the issue as they fear that they will be labeled as anti-nationalists. This fear is probably the reason why nothing is being done to put a stop to all this propaganda. 

3. The biopic of Modi

The trailer for this movie was released right before the elections. Although the screening has been delayed by the ECI, it has alredy created a lot of buzz. It is centered around Modi's life and his rise to power. The biopic portrays Modi as the nations savior and everything he has done for the RSS and the BJP. The BJP is doing everything in their power to win this election.

4. ECI is being biased towards the ruling party

This is probably the most talked about issue. The ECI seems to be favoring Modi and almost everyone is claiming that the ECI is not looking into anything properly and in spite of several appeals nothing is being done to do check the violations made by the ruling party.

5. BJP's achievement printed on railway cups and tickets

The railway rickets contain achievements of the BJP at it’s center and this has been labeled as party's propaganda by the opposition and so far nothing has been done to rectify this issue. The ECI seems to be favoring Modi a lot but nothing substantial is being done and hence ECI is being bashed severely for this. This propaganda has to potential to draw in votes as it can influence the young minds and since this election is very important for the future of India and its people, these issues need to he checked.

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