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Madhusudan Grover


V-Tec Kicked In Yo!!

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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When by reading the topic itself you must have understood what i am going to talk about basically write today....

V-TEC just type this on google you will get many actually toooooooo many answers related to it and if i need to tell any person in layman language i can tell that its like an invisible TURBO CHARGER fitted within the engine LOL. 

Actually all depends on camshaft if any mechanical engineer out there reading this ... you will get it very well . It all depends on lobes of cam it has 3 cam lobes one big lobe sandwiched between 2 small lobes just like this..

So lets just ignore engineering and tell you actually what happens when you cross 4500 rpm the INVISIBLE TURBOCHARGER do its job and BOOOOOOOOMMMM!!

Rpm goes all the way to 7000!!!! and the boost you get is like i am not able to describe to you but i can say that you will feel that you are on a rocket (NOT MADE BY NASA.... BUT BY JAPANESE lol).THANK YOU HONDA FOR MAKING THIS.

In India in the name sake of VTECH only HONDA CITY is available and across the globe marvelous creations like CIVIC TYPE-R ,NSX are available , may be they will be available in India by 30-40 years who knows .

SO IF YOU ARE LIVING IN INDIA AND YOU ARE CONFUSED BETWEEN HONDA CITY, HYUNDAIIII VERNA, VOLKSWAGEN VENTO {GERMANS }, OR SKODA RAPID{kinda sister to volkswagen}  , if you wanna buy diesel just go for verna , if you want diesel automatic go for germans and if you want petrol dare to look at any other car , just close your eyes and buy HONDA CITY

because it gives BEST OF BOTH WORLDS i.e good fuel efficiency and as well as blasting performance which are just rivals.. and those who are having any honda with VTEC always say VTEC KICKED IN YOO!!!

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