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Suruchi Bhargava


How to Train Yourself to Stay Focused

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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Digital distractions have taken a toll on our focus and span of attention. All day our hands reach for social media, emails, messages, etc. It’s onerous for people now to stay focused on a particular task and not be thinking about a slew of things and other tasks. It has decimated our productivity in an overbearing manner but the good news is, it’s not inexorable. You can train yourself to stay focused and rev up your productivity. This is how-

First things first, you should ask yourself the specific reasons to want to stay more focused. It will help creating a goal or a state you might want to achieve. This will also help you to stay on track and resist the urge for distractions. Time is too precious to be squandered and we all want to make the best out of it.

Think what might happen if you don’t do the task, visualize it, feel the repercussions. Every time you recognize the desire to procrastinate or putt off something for later, just take 2-5 minutes out to visualize the repercussions and most likely you will end up doing that particular task.

Find out which hours of the day are most optimal for you to work. Most people have particular hours they are most productive at so figure out what works for you and during this time keep away from all the distractions. Avoid using anything on your laptop that isn't work related. Put your phone and gadgets aside and practice mindfulness. Be aware of your thoughts, yearnings and reflexes to give in and once you let the feeling sink, it will become easier to focus.

Check how often you unlock your phone and spend how much time on social media. It will give you the cognizance of how grave this problem is. When you are doing any important task or are with your family, turn off the internet. Be there. Stay present in the moment. If you feel way too distracted, bring the attention back by focusing on your breathing.

You can also go for a social media sabbatical/detox. Start with 5-10 days if not for a month. This will make you realize what you are missing out when you are fixated on screens. The real life is out here and not on the screens. Meet your friends more, text less. Enjoy and live the moment more and open that camera less. Spend more time in nature, scroll less.

Moderation is the key but the way we have all started using our phones is excessive and uncurbed. It’s time to take back the control. Welcome to the real world!

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