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Top Skyscraping Crypto currencies Which Are Flying High

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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Paper currencies are almost going to be vanished completely around the world.

Such an unbelievable thing, isn’t it?

But, what has made it to clear out the history’s most used method of exchanging of currencies?

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They are… The Cryptocurrencies!

Yes, these invisible, untouchable, and unregulated virtual currencies are shifting the world to a new verge, where we forget about the traditional exchange forms that we use today. No doubt, the revolution is here and it is on fire.

Doesn’t matter how much time it takes, but the wheel of change is spinning really fast. Want to buy a dress or a chocolate? Pay it through your virtual money by transferring it to the seller’s wallet. It’s easy, isn’t it?

You might be thinking that there are 1000+ cryptocurrencies flowing in the market, which are suitable and best for you.

Are you confused?

Don’t be.

Here is a list of the top cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin (BTC): Every list related to cryptocurrency is incomplete without the most popular, used, and one of the oldest cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was created in 2009. It can be used for anything, until the service provider accepts Bitcoin as a medium of payment like:
  • For booking movie tickets, buses, hotels etc.
  • For purchasing goods
  • For transferring money to someone (in form of Bitcoin)
  • For trading and mining

  • Ethereum (Ether): Ethereum isn’t just a cryptocurrency, but it is a very broad programming platform, which uses blockchain technology. This is different from Bitcoin in terms of working and the flexibility, it provides. Ethereum is a platform, where decentralized applications can be developed.

Ethereum is truly flexible; almost every area can be improved using this platform.

It can be used to build:

  • Games
  • Financial applications
  • Utilities
  • Logistics software
  • Social networks

Ether is used to provide decentralization features, which eliminate the problem of single point failure and remove all the third parties involved.

So, why not try with Ether?

I’m sure adding it in your list of business currency will definitely give your business a new digital and profitable edge.

  • Bitcoin Cash: You might be thinking why Bitcoin cash is there, if already, we have discussed about the whole cryptocurrency system Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has many limitations, like limited block size and some other complex hitches too. This leads to the launch of a freshly made system, called Bitcoin Cash. It has solved many glitches of Bitcoin. It is called Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash. Moreover, lower fees and faster processing are also its two significant attributes to be considered.

  • EOS: EOS is network and a blockchain platform for the development of decentralized applications. It is built on Ethereum, but includes better features and capacity. EOS provides an operating-system-like services and functions, which make the development of DApps easier and fast.

These are some of the top cryptocurrencies, which you can use by registering on wallet providing websites and exchanges. These Cryptocurrency exchange development companies serve users with fast and feature rich exchange systems to deliver full-on ease while currency exchange proedure.

So, which will be your choice for making a big jump to the future of exchanging money?

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