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Top 5 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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The effectiveness of the laser removal in the long term is associated with specific hormonal or physiological changes of the patient, and therefore in the case of facial hair and androgen-dependent areas. This sort of treatment cannot be considered a definitive hair removal, because the laser destroys the hair. When the area to be depilated has thick hair, it may require a more significant number of sessions to avoid instant and consequent irritation. The patient usually needs new sessions to eliminate complete hairs. The definitive hair removal methods are currently trending. Although no method removes hair at 100%, laser hair removal will help eliminate at least 95% of the hair, which provides excellent comfort that makes it the best option to pluck. Today we will give you top 5 reasons to leave the blades and epilator creams opting for the laser.

Laser hair removal in Fairfax VA can be done all over the body, except for the lower edge of the eyebrows because it could affect the eyeball. The laser is certainly more effective in certain parts of the body. For example, in women- armpits, groin, and legs are the most susceptible areas and maintain excellent long-term results. The facial area is much more resistant to any harsh treatment as our skin is soft and has a high follicular density and the hair is much thinner.

1.   Keeps your skin soft- no more hairs.

Laser hair removal treatment is a worthwhile investment since you will not have to spend any more money on hair removal products. Using conventional methods of hair removal causes the same to return to increase in thickness, the tip of hairs becomes visible immediately making your skin rough in texture. The use of blades and razors makes the hair grow thicker and pointy. It gives a rough feel to the skin. With the laser hair removal, the hair becomes thinner with each session. It is common that, after waxing or shaving, the hairs grow back but oh! Surprise! This time they can remain incarnate, generating pain, discomfort, rashes and even abscesses. As a result, you will have softer and silkier skin as the treatment progresses. These disorders known as folliculitis are solved with a laser hair removal in Fairfax VA. With laser hair removal the hair will always grow thinner, lighter and subtle.


2.   Goodbye to spots by shaving!

A soft, silky skin, free of spots and grains, is much more aesthetic to look and feel than a rough skin with protruding hairs. When you shave your hairs, areas such as armpits tend to take dark tones, affecting the appearance of these areas. With laser hair removal you will forget about this problem, and it will even help to lighten the stained areas of the skin. Your skin will look radiant and free of imperfections at all times. You will look like a movie star at all times!

3.   Durable results with no pain.

When performing a laser hair removal in Fairfax VA, each session offers results that last from 3 to 5 weeks, even when the process has not been completed. These benefits last longer than shaving with wax or razor, as the hair root is attached directly to the follicle, progressively weakening. Waxing and blades generate considerable pain, in addition to increasing the risk of injuries and infections in intimate hair removal, either the strong pull of the wax strips or the cuts that can be caused by the blades. The treatments with laser hair removal are painless. Lately many machines with which these treatments are performed that include numbing the nerves of the skin so that way there is no sensitivity. The patient can feel the heat at the time of the session but later the impression is completely gentle on skin. How many times did you not refuse trips to the beach or the pool because of not being shaved? With a laser hair removal treatment, you are always ready! It is now fun to choose your favorite bikini, apply sunscreen, and be ready to hit the beach or party at any time.

4.   You save money.

Have you ever wondered how much money you have spent on epilation throughout your life? You would be surprised by the total amount of the investment in removing the hair from your body and that you will continue to spend unless you perform a permanent treatment. In the first session, up to 80% of the strands in the area to be treated can be eliminated. Is not it fantastic? After each session, baby or new hairs may appear, but do not panic because it is temporary and in the end, will disappear.

5.   It is definitive!

Laser hair removal is one of the wonders in the world of beauty. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman or what is the color of your skin; it is available to everyone. Just knowing that you will never have to shave, depilate, apply epilating lotions, razors or machines on your skin, is the main reason to prefer laser hair removal over any other method without discomfort or embarrassment. No more shaving every time! With the laser, you can wear silky soft skin forever and bye, bye hairs. With this laser method, unlike others, you can forever forget about having to shave because the results- are definitive!

Recommendations before opting for a laser hair removal treatment:

•   Not having been overexposed to sunlight, neither before nor after treatment.

• Consuming plenty of fluids, keeping the skin hydrated is vital in these treatments.

•   Make sure you are not pregnant.

•   You must shave a week before so that the hair is neither too long nor too short.

•  Prepare your skin with moisturizing creams; your skin should be healthy and hydrated.

•   The skin should not have any injury or wound.

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