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Top 10 Sports Cars in the World All Car-lovers Must Know

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7 months ago
7 months ago
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From the Bugatti to the R8 and beyond, today's sports cars are the vehicles of the future. Mobility, speed and advanced engines mean these cars rank at the top in their category - and the stylish, sleek exteriors are a bonus!

It's the wind that tousles your hair as you breeze past; it's the empowering feel of the wheel under your fingertips, thrumming with energy; it's the sleek design and fluid movement, and it's the emotions it inspires in all of us to take risks and be courageous. Certainly, a sports car cannot be denied its distinct allure, bringing out in us the repressed hopes and dreams that form the core of ourselves, teaching us to live boldly, brashly, and - ultimately - beautifully.

It's time to find out which sports cars have inspired the most this year. Here's our list:

1. Audi R8 V10 Plus

Photo by Michael Simari

For the car with raw speed and power, beauty for the sleekness of design, and comfortable interiors, the R8 is the way to go. With horsepower at a marked 610, the Audi R8 V10 Plus combines remarkable engineering with fast performance to deliver a car which allows both free acceleration or cruising roads. Either way, the R8 is certainly a force to be reckoned with, and a first choice for many sports’ car fans.

2. Bugatti Chiron


The Bugatti Chiron's futuristic design and smooth performance lend it a distinctive appeal. With a large range of controls and luxuries at the rider's disposal, the Chiron brings the delights of life right to the fingertips of the driver, making it a favourite among car enthusiasts.

3. Aston Martin DB11


The Ashton Martin DB11's 600 horsepower engine is overshadowed only by its artistically engineered body and sophisticated design, which augment the exhilarating experience it offers to riders. With its kinaesthetic appeal, it’s no wonder it features high up in 2018's list of crowd favourites.

4. McLaren 570s


The elegantly juxtaposed plush interiors and emboldening exteriors meld together in a car that is quite liberally - and exotically - crafted. The lightweight body poses new horizons of possibility for efficient travel, with the maximum speed estimated at a surprising 204 mph.

5. Koenigsegg Agera R


If ever the need for speed arises, Agera R's got you covered. The Swedish manufactured car claims the Guinness World Record for its top speed placed at a whopping 278 mph, attributed to an intensively crafted flexible body and use of technologically advanced turbo materials.

6. Lotus Evora GT430


With its sensitivity to minute adjustments and agility of motion, the GT430 deserves much of the attention it receives. Meanwhile, the graceful design of the car lives up to its name and the crisp movement of the car is only aided by its responsiveness and strong traction on the roads.

7. Ford Mustang Shelby GT350


Ford's GT350 comprises of an impressive 526 hp engine and an aesthetically appealing hull that doesn't fail to draw sports car fanatics to it. Additionally, the "muscle car" sports an efficiency which is both distinctive and gratifying for track racers. The car takes up its worthy place among other top cars of 2018 with its advantageous facilities and speedy performance. 

8. Lamborghini Huracán


The Huracán is the perfect combination of European artistry and modern craft that allow it to appeal to a range of audiences. The vivacious colours and hexagonal sculpting of the body offer a kinaesthetic appeal to a market characterised predominantly by elegance of design. Its speed, while not as surprising as those of others, is certainly gratifying to those seeking new and fresh twists on traditional sports cars.

9. Toyota 86


The advanced engineering, coupled with its affordability, are what draw people towards the Toyota 86, which comes in a range of colours and builds. Posh interiors are complemented by the car's compactness; the Toyota 86 puts a spin on conventional beliefs, reminding us that not all sports cars require superpower engines. 

10. BMW M5


The distinguishing attribute of the BMW M5 is its larger size, offering families a viable, and alluring option in the context of sports cars. It is the perfect balance between elegance and space, and while the car's design doesn't seem to boast much in terms of predicted performance, it certainly shouldn't be underestimated - not by a long shot.

Which one is your favourite?

By Sarvani K

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