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Malavika S. Menon


Thoughts Every Student Has At The University

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2 months ago
2 months ago
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1.     School was so much better!

This is one thought that continues to run through my mind all the time. The way that Bollywood movies portray colleges is far from true. In fact I feel I related to the movies more during my time at school. Whether it was in skipping classes or practicing for fests, schools gave us more freedom. In college, before you cut classes you have to mandatorily calculate your attendance percent and figure out how many classes you can afford to bunk. Quite a strenuous process, don’t you think? And as far as practicing for fests are concerned, the practice sessions are tightly packed before and after college hours. So after a normal 6-hour working day, you have to put in more effort and practice, leaving you in a state of exhaustion which you couldn’t even imagine in school.


2.     Should I Change My Course?

I feel this is a thought every college student is guaranteed to have. However hard you worked to get into the university, there’s a small nagging part of your brain which keeps asking you, is it really the right course? Is this where I see myself ten years later? Do I actually have to study this subject over the course of the next few years? Can I just quit, take a break year and figure out my true calling in that year? Chances are majority of the people stop having such thoughts as the classes and lectures progress further, when you actually see that you can attain the degree. But, for a few others, this can be a wake up call. I have met and known tons of people, who enrolled in a course with full fervor and determination and later joined for another completely different course in which they found their true passion or future calling.


3.     I am not fit for this.

I have felt this quite a lot more than I would have liked. There were times when I felt intimidated by my classmates who were excelling in different fields and rising through the ranks with their technical, managerial, literary or artistic skill. But don’t worry about this too much. Give it some time and allow yourself to settle in to the University culture. Test yourself for a semester. The results might surprise you. You could have done way better than the people you imagined were the best. This in turn improves your self confidence and would have enabled you to prove to yourself that you can do this. However even after a semester or two, if you still don’t believe you can continue with this, make sure to consider the  other options.


4.     You miss teachers calling out your name

When you enter into the university, the ambience of the classroom changes completely. From a close and small classroom with around 30 people, you enter into a vast hall of around 70 students. Needless to say, the professors who come to teach you, do not remember your names nor do they care to ask in most cases. This makes one realize that he/she took the situation at school for granted. When each of your teachers called you by your first name and personally knew you. Cut to college, when even your fellow classmates don’t know your name.


5.     You have to put in a LOT of effort

With the syllabus and examination structures of schools, it was quite easy to score marks and marks were the only way in which we were judged. Even last minute studies and submitting the assignments a day late, did not affect our grades. But in college you have to be working 24/7. Any free time you have left after finishing all the assignments (which is rare in most cases), is used up for extra learning or volunteering for different clubs and organisations. In school all you had to do was go with the flow because every one was doing the same thing. At the university, you are completely responsible for your own development. Its in your hands to read that extra material or to finish that online course, for enhancing your skills and adding another line onto your resume.


6.     More Freedom

With you moving out of your home, away from your parents you naturally gain more freedom with no one to control you. No one to tell you when to study or to limit your screen time. Also, you get that monthly installment of money from your parents which you can handle any way you want (without running out of money, of course!) Even if you are staying at home itself, your parents reduce their control over you. With internships and winning different competitions you start earning money on your own. But then again, with great power comes great responsibilities. 

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