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Abdul Taha


This summer is all about showing some skin

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17 days ago
17 days ago
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Say goodbye to your jeans, say goodbye to your overalls because record-breaking summer has hit the planet. That means it’s time to show some skin every time you step outside, with some sunblock applied, of course. Say hello to shorts, men, because they are as in as they can be this season and not just those mainstream grey gym shorts that you won’t let go off.

Easy Breezy

Choose knee length perforated shorts in a light tone like faded blue and you’ll be a sight to sore eyes. Not only will you feel good wearing them you’ll make others feel good and maybe more if you know what I mean fellas?

The options are endless. You can choose printed ones too because blue comes with patches of whites that make the shorts look like a cloudy sky or dark blue waves to give it a more ocean-like look. In this season, blue tones should be your first option.

Don’t Ask, Do It

What if we told you that instead of asking for nudes, you could wear them? Corny much? Skip the mainstream khakis and catch those second glances by wearing nude shades in stylish shorts for men’s summer wear. They’re available in pink, that’s what girls mean when they talk about shades, men.

That’s not it though. The shades are plain but have a very soothing quality to them. There’s mint which comes in the category of green and we also have yellow which is, well, yellow. In conclusion, they’re all great.

Flaming Hot In the Heat

Does red ever go out of style? No, the answer is no. You can pull off red knee-length shorts with every shirt whether they are with strings or without, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that they are red and that you’ll be eye-catching in them. Whether you’re on a run or on an errand, you will be noticed and that’s where we will be saying, ‘mission accomplished’.

Red shorts go great with black, buy them in knee length and you can be our icon for stylish shorts for men’s summer wear without a doubt. Hell, wear them with white too, wear them with any color, you will look great.


Let’s face it, nobody likes a man in tighty whiteys. Probably some people do, we’re not here to judge. The point is, you can get the most out of white by buying white cotton shorts. They’re not an option, they’re necessary. You wear them with any t-shirt, sport shades, and you’ll be noticing some second glances without a doubt.

Big Floral Energy

They’re everywhere. You can’t avoid them and they don’t make you any less of a man, men. The beauty of floral prints is that any shade, whether dark or light or any size, big flowers, small flowers or quantity, few flowers, or too damn many flowers, just doesn’t matter. They’re all great because they’re flowers. Buy a pair (or shorts), you won’t regret it.

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