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Siva Kumar


This is why global MBA is so famous

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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A global MBA program is much like the traditional program however its ability to bring people together from all parts of the world affords many advantages. And that forms the subject of today's discussion as we look at the overflowing list of benefits that have made the program so popular:

1) Nice student mix

In essence, it remains a grey area as to what exact requirements need to be met in order to consider a certain degree as a global program but the general consensus is that this can be seen in the student mix. That specific element is perhaps one of the most appealing factors in pursuing a global MBA which brings together learners from across oceans and various parts of the globe as well.

It's a subtle bylaw although unwritten that the student population must be compromised of a specific number of foreigners to balance the quota so as to be considered as global. It's this mix of international and native learners that also opens up the world to those taking the course helping them build connections that will undoubtedly come in handy in the future.

2) An astute curriculum

As is the case most of the times, an integrated student body isn't the only unique aspect about a global MBA which also instigates a unique curriculum factoring in industry considerations from around the world. Consequently, such schools have an international MBA orientation that prepares students for various work environments wherever they might be on the planet.

General teaching focuses on skills needed to survive in a world rife with globalization with the curriculum's international inclination ensuring the learners benefit greatly from practical and theoretical knowledge. Most of such MBA's concentrate on an experiential form of learning which really is the best and most effective way to teach.

3) More job opportunities

A traditional MBA program often limits your scope of ambition- and ability- to a native framework mostly availing knowledge to help you thrive in native markets within national or city borders. On the other hand, a global MBA opens up doors to the global business in its entirety thereby ensuring there are much more employment opportunities at your doorstep.

You may choose to work at a firm in Delhi, or a big company in New York or across the African content and wherever else you've always dreamed of setting up camp. It is this extensive work environment that proves to be one of the strongest selling points for its ranking as one of the best degrees across educational institutes.

4) Enhanced communication skills

If you are taking a class at a local university, your academic life tends to be a lot more passive than it is active as it is easy to just go with the flow of things and not actually be a part of the learning. Classes are often packed full with lots of people leaving little time and chance for some valuable one-on-one time with your tutor.

Conversely, an executive global MBA leads you to be an active participant of the ongoing as the degree normally focuses on catering to the needs of students on an individual basis. This means increased communication which can bring you out of your cocoon if you are one who likes to take the back seat while others have all the fun. And this is good because it also teaches you how to connect and relate to other people which is useful for festering good rapport at the workplace.

5) Flexible class hours and study times

With a conventional MBA, class times are fixed which means you always have to be on time lest you miss some valuable piece of learning. This rigidity wards many off as they simply lack the time to do it Perhaps they are also juggling a job on the side which they can't leave at the expense of studying for an unexpected cat scheduled for the next day or make meetings as dictated by an unforgiving timetable.

Hence why an MBA for working professionals is the go-to as you can get done what you need to during the day- or whatever time it is that you work- reserving lessons and study time to the weekends or any other period when you have a couple of hours to spare.

6) A powerful differentiator

Potential employers are on the hunt for many things these days at a time when almost every job applicant is perfectly qualified for a particular position. So it often boils down to the little things in the final decision with a global MBA at times give you an edge over a traditional MBA simply for the fact that it shows what kind of person you are notwithstanding the international appeal.

Doing such a degree whilst also handling the difficulties of a work commitment paints the picture of someone who is very committed and not overwhelmed by the pressures of multitasking. At the and of the day, it can be a powerful differentiator that can help you secure that coveted position.

7) Better self-discipline and improved time management

As mentioned previously you may be splitting efforts across various essential aspects of your life to squeeze some time out for school which gives you an expansive understanding of how to best to utilize your time. To avoid burnout, you'll need to find the right balance between under and overachieving or more desirably learn how to be very productive or effective within limited work or study hours.

Improved self-discipline comes courtesy of the need to observe study sessions and classes no matter how flexible they may be as you drag yourself across a journey of complex and rigorous coursework. Over time, you build a sense of determination which once cultivated blossoms into a plant that shapes your personality for the better

8) Strategic thinking and transferable skins

The benefits of a global executive MBA often also includes the welcomed advantage of a bolster thought capability. Your coursework is designed to stretch your analytical skills to the limit enabling you to best understand situations and get the best possible solution in each case. A prowess which extends beyond the workplace and into ordinary day-to-day scenarios as well. What's more, you also gain a number of soft and hard skills whose usefulness will help you fit in not only in your specific niche but also across many others which require an almost similar foundation.


A global MBA has many advantages to its name and these are just but a tip of the enormous iceberg.

Author bio:

Siva Kumar have served the armed forces for 15 years. Post retirement from Services he has been serving as a director of operations at Illinois Institute of Technology India Pvt Ltd this is a wholly owned subsidiary of Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.His aim is to provide a full time study program me to learn at your place through the distance learning and online master programs.

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