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This is Why Dogs Are the Best for Physical and Mental Wellness

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6 months ago
6 months ago
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Furry friends treat you with a lot of love. No matter how tiring and long your day is, their tails will always wag to make your mood better. Dogs are a must-have for improving the quality of your life.


We bring forth 5 reasons to prove to you the same:

1. They Elevate Your Mood

Dogs can boost your overall state of mind and really relieve you of stress. Spending time with your furry friends can soothe and relax you. The dopamine and serotonin levels in our brains increase by spending just 15 to 30 minutes with our pooches. These are neurotransmitters which are associated with pleasure and hence doggie licks and sniffs can induce mental happiness.

2. Regular Exercise Boosts Fitness

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Having a dog in your life means you are their caregivers, friend which means paying attention to their exercise regime. Regular exercise is a boon to both the dogs and their human parents. Doggy parents are active and fit since they play and work with their pooches regularly and responsibly.

3. Plays Your Watchman and is at Your Service


Dogs are watchful and alert to any potentially harmful thing coming your way. Your house and you are both protected from any odds because of the four-legged blessing in your lives. Canine friends also serve as excellent service companions for people with disabilities. When trained properly, they can relieve their humans from stressful situations, like helping a visually-impaired person cross a road or detecting an epileptic seizure in advance and alerting their humans.

4. Man’s Best Friend


Dogs are friendly, emotional, and responsive to human feelings and emotions. They are intelligent creatures with strong loyalty for their parents. Their great senses make them create an unbreakable bond because they recognize their humans by sight, smell, and voice!

5. Dogs Save Lives


Any chronic condition that you may be suffering from, the dogs are the first to know about it. Stories of dogs sniffing or licking on moles or lumps consistently only learned to be cancerous later have been doing the rounds. These stories are indeed true. Dogs can detect cancer by smelling or sniffing it from their humans.

There are endless reasons supporting dogs to be in our lives. Consider adopting a pawsome friend today and bring home happiness.

By Bhavishya Pahwa

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