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Suruchi Bhargava


A Few Things You Need to Know Before Going on a Diet

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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Dieting is arduous. Who wouldn’t want to have a piece of scrumptious chocolate cake or a gargantuan mouth-watering burger than to have bland food that in no way contents your taste buds! But sooner or later we all come to terms with the fact that healthy eating is indispensable for a healthy lifestyle and staying fit. You are what you eat.


Generally not fitting into old clothes, panting after climbing the stairs or just feeling sluggish are the tell-tale signs to bring forth the change in your lifestyle- to eat healthy and be more active. No matter what your reason is to go on a diet and adopt a healthier lifestyle, there are a few must-know things before taking the leap. Here’s what-

Embrace the change

First things first, embrace the change. The dietary changes might render you frustrated, discombobulated or just moody, keep in mind it’s for your own good and it is not supposed to be a punishment. Long term healthy eating is possible only when you want to do it, no one, absolutely no one can turn you into a healthy person overnight. Some people take the plunge all at once, the others like to take baby steps, eliminating a few foods first and including the healthier alternatives gradually with time. It will take some time to get used to a new diet.

Find out what works for you

There are a plethora of factors to consider when you go on a diet. The most important aspect is to know what works for you and what suits your body. Some foods will be better for you than the other ones and you will find it once you start paying attention to your body and the way it responds to certain foods.

There are different types of diets but what works the best is the simple fact that you gain weight because of the calorie surplus (having more calories than needed). To lose weight and build muscles you have to incorporate more protein in your diet and have a calorie deficit diet. Having way too less calories is not a good way to go about it because it will enervate your body and this in turn can make you prone to a multitude of ailments which could have been otherwise fended off.

Following a fitting meal plan

Have a proper meal plan and stick to it. Following a tailor-made meal plan will give you the accurate amount of nutrients to keep you nourished and vigorous. Desist from skipping meals and curb your binge eating. Both starving and overeating are detrimental to heath. Moderation is the key. Remember don’t be way too stringent about it, one cookie wouldn’t hurt anyone!

Be Patient

Do not opine that just one week of dieting is going to give you a chiselled body. It takes time and you have to be patient and consistent. Nobody said dieting is easy, know it’s going to be difficult especially bridling your food yearnings is one of the toughest things ever because come on, who doesn’t want to eat that slice of pizza! When it comes to healthy eating, patience is decisive. It’d be much better to reckon healthy eating as a lifestyle choice rather than a crash course.

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” 

― George Bernard Shaw

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Bhavik Chugh

Creating a sense of interest from reader perspective is very difficult to achieve. After reading this article I think you have already achieve that state. Excellent piece of article and really impressed by continuity and flow. Keep writing.

4 months ago