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Priya Gorain


Important Things Men Should Know about PMS

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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Dear Boyfriends,

I’m here to help you understand your girlfriend, to explain why she suddenly gets difficult at certain times of the month, why she picks fights with you or bursts into uncontrollable tears and just seems like a little bit of a mess sometimes. It’s called PMS; that stands for Premenstrual Syndrome. It could be a nightmarish time for you. I agree. I sympathise.

But it’s also a nightmarish time for her. She doesn’t feel like she has control. Her hormones are causing her to be all over the place. And you can play a big part in making her feel like she has a bit more semblance of control. So how can you help?

1. Know her cycle

Fortunately for you, you’re living in an era where technology is thriving. So, there are Period Calculator Apps available for free on PlayStore or the Appstore. Ask your girl to share her data with you. What these apps do is to record her moods and how she’s feeling and basically track her period. After two months or so of using them, they become pretty accurate if the data is filled in accurately. So, make sure that she sends you her data and that you keep a track of her moods through that. It will help the both of you.

2. Don’t be a jerk

Look, I get it. We’re not the only one who can be moody. You can be moody too. It’s understandable. But the thing is we have hormones wreaking havoc with our system here. So, if you’re spoiling for a fight, give her a fair chance to fight back. By forcing her into arguments during that time of the month, you aren’t helping yourself and you’re definitely not helping her. All I’m asking is to be a little considerate. You’ll find that if you are a gentleman at that time, she will appreciate it.

3. Don’t abandon her

I know that we can be difficult to handle at that time. It can get a little too much depending on how bad her mood swings are. But don’t just leave her hanging dry. She might need space sometimes. Give it to her. But don’t just say, ‘Oh, I’ll be back when you’re feeling better’ and disappear for a week. She can do a lot to alleviate her mood, but when you’re in a relationship, your happiness depends on each other quite a bit. So, if she feels abandoned, you’re just making it worse. So, be there when she needs you, okay?

4. Don’t throw her PMS-ing in her face

If you’ve ignored my second piece of advice and have decided to argue anyway, you’re being stupid. But you know what’s stupid-er? Throwing her cycle on her face is not a good way to win the argument. Never ever do that. A woman who’s in the heat of an argument does not want to be reminded of this. We don’t like being this way, you know? We had no say in how we were born. We aren’t responsible for all these biological processes. So, it comes off as underhanded when you use that. So, just don’t. Even if you know that it’s the reason. Just don’t.

I think this covers it. It’s a good starter guide for how to keep your woman happy at that time of the month, But it’s also important for your happiness. There are many things she can do as well. But these are simple things you should be doing. Your welcome! 

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