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These Seven Wonder of the World Crafted by Nature Will Blow Your Mind

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6 months ago
6 months ago
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Nature never fails to surprise us with its amazing creations. From forests to oceans to wildlife, beauty and wonderment is everywhere. You must sometimes be curious about how beautiful nature can get. So here's a list of the most beautiful creations of nature, or the 7 wonders of the nature-

1. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The saddest part about this beauty is, it is dying, because of global warming and climate changes. However, it is the largest coral reef system, spanning around 2300 km and is a home to a biodiversity of water animals. It can be seen from outer space.

2. Mount Everest, Himalayas

Source- Wikipedia

Known to be the tallest mountain range in the world (though it is disputed) its beauty will mesmerize you. The view of the mountain from the borders of Nepal and Tibet is a sight to behold. It houses little flora and fauna as it is at an altitude of 8000m.

3. Harbour of Rio De Janeiro

Lying inside Brazil, Rio De Janeiro is undoubtedly one of its more beautiful cities. The harbour shows the way the city snuggles between cozy mountains and vast oceans. The famous Christ the Redeemer statue along the silky coastline is a beauty.

4. Victoria Falls, Africa


Holding the record of the world's highest waterfall, the height is a grappling 108m. Its native name means Smoke that Thunders and if you ever visit the falls, you wouldn't deny the fact. Clustering around, the trees with their beauty will make you feel like it's a pathway to heaven.

5. Grand Canyon, Arizona


An artistry created by the Colorado River, Grand Canyon is 446 km long Canyon with breathtaking and beautiful scenery. The Canyon is a treat for geologists because of the exposed part of the Colorado Plateau. Visiting the Canyon, you'll get a panoramic view of nature's wonder.

6. Aurora Borealis, Arctic

Known as the Northern Lights, the phenomenon is seen in places of high latitude due to the the ionisation of the particles of the atmosphere as a result of the solar winds cutting the magnetosphere of the earth. Auroras have been a constant source of myths and superstitions but on seeing them you'll have no thoughts in your head and you'll just marvel at the sight of it.

7. Paricutin, Mexico City

The phenomenon of the evolution of a cornfield, a flat land into a huge volcano of 1000m in a period of a year is what makes Paricutin so bizarre and amazing. The volcano is not completely dormant but one can walk around the perimeter of the entire volcano and view its bewitching beauty.

These are just a few wonders of nature and there are many more. It is our duty to cherish them and preserve them.

If you can't be in awe of Mother Nature, there's something wrong with you.

-Alex Trelek

By Milisha Sharan

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