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These 5 Food Festivals in Pune are a Must Visit for All Foodies

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19 days ago
19 days ago
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Over the past few years, the number of food festivals in India has increased with almost all major cities hosting annual ones. With exciting food lineups present all in one place, it looks like a feast for both the eyes and tummy!


Lovers of beer, mark this fest as an annual compulsory for you to attend! Held on a Sunday usually in September, this festival is a picnic style fest that has over fifty craft beers on tap and over twenty never tried before new brews. But apart from just chilled and delicious beer, Tapped also has beer friendly food from food vendors from Pune and Mumbai along with awards for the best beer sold, beer and food based games and an area for kids to play. Food joints include known names like Pack-a-Pav known for kebab pavs, Death by BBQ and their smoked meat dishes, brie sandwiches and stewed strawberry by The Fromagerie, chicken golgappas from Street Meat and many eateries from Mumbai as well among more.

2.The Foodiekar Fest

With Indians being great foodies and India itself being a land of multiple cuisines, the food here becomes even more interesting and diversified. And one thing about foodies is that they do not mind travelling as much as they have to so as to reach their reward. The Foodeikar Fest in one event in Pune that brings the food from all over India to your city removing the need to travel far and wide for the same. Although it is a vegetarian food festival, the food is so lip-smackingly good that even the non-vegetarians will be happy. The fest takes place mainly in the month of November and is a three day extravaganza with over a hundred stalls that have unique delicacies and good music all around. 

3.Pune Food Truck Festival

This is a new food festival that started last year where fourteen of the best food trucks in Pune lineup together to sell everything from vada pavs to loaded fries to waffles. With both traditional dishes and other ones that you do not get to eat regularly, the variety is huge. With brilliant local bands performing live and shopping options as well, this fest that takes place in October annually is a must attend!

4.The Grub Fest

The Grub Fest is a well known festival that has taken place in Delhi and Mumbai as well and is now an annual event in Pune. It takes place in the month of March and has a wide variety of entertainment and food items. This is one fest where you can not only eat delicious food, you can also sign up for culinary classes and learn to make a few yourself. It also has organic food stalls and an area for food trucks as well.

5.The Eateries Food Fest

This food festival usually takes place in May and has over thirty food stalls and a small number of food trucks. Comedy shows and live band performances are also part of the package. This is a food fest dedicated to appeasing your heart and tummies. 

By Eerishika Pankaj

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