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Perspective: What Does the World Truly Need in Times of Such a Widespread Humanitarian Crisis?

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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I have a brother five years elder to me. So, I think it is justified that his knowledge supersedes my, his understanding of affairs is broader than mine, especially since he is an avid reader.


I take my queries and private wars to him—not because he has a solution for them. No. He shows me a perspective. He opens my eyes. So, we have often had great discussions arising out of the fundamental and stupid questions I have asked him. But what has always remained constant in these discussions has been his arguments driven by reason and mine driven by feeling. And he makes complete sense. I can see the view from the opposite hill top to his credit. He has given me more than he knows and beyond my vocabulary to explain.

In some ways I have always failed to understand the world. I can spell politics, I understand it too, but I don’t get it. I just don’t GET it.

And so, I will not talk about strategies. And don’t talk the politics to me. A man named Aristotle invented it. We can get rid of it. I will talk of what is ingrained in us. What we cannot get rid of; it is our essence. It is that which ignites the ‘questioning’ in us. It is ‘feeling’. It is ‘love’. We have attained a certain admirable level of reasonability but this essence has outbursts of power. This is when we question. This is when we doubt—both ourselves and the world.

Strategies and politics have given terrorists a reason to justify themselves. I don’t give a shit about the politics.

Syria in shambles (Source- Reuters)

Take Syria, Yemen, Myanmar, Ukraine, Africa, Kashmir. I don’t care about the land, the religion or whatever the cause of the war is. What matters—the only thing that I can see are people dying. And if these dying people were our primary concern, there would be no Syria, Yemen, Myanmar, Ukraine, Africa, Kashmir and others. But war is like production. It is in process because someone is profiting.

But politics, pride, economy, religion, status-quo, and millions are involved. And the most important factor is that our race is unconsciously allergic to peace. We preach it because it is good. We must have it, but as a medicine. We know it is ‘good’ and ‘right’. But we cannot live in peace, we’d die.

We talk of the hate in the world but that is what we give even in response to tickle.

There is a way. But there isn’t at the same time.

We know it can be made okay. But we know it never will be.

Source- Reuters

There will always be another Myanmar, another Kashmir, another Mexico, and another North Korea.

There will always be a place in this world where innocents will be kissed by the Dementors and a starved toddler will be guarded as its prey by a famished vulture.   

Just look at this world. We all know that the world needs love. And yet it is only the ‘idealists’ or the ‘missionaries’ or the ‘artists’ who talk of ‘conquering the world with love’. When I say ‘talk of’ it implies ‘firmly believing in’. Look at it this way. Humans are driven by both reason and emotion. Intuition plays a major role in our psychology. And yet we chose to run the world solely by reason. We are trying to scrape every bit of emotion we have. Love and emotion has the air of a ‘fairy tale’ and reality demands the reasonable. Why is the phrase ‘driven by love’ not equated with intellect?

But we cannot give up everything else for love, can we? Even if it is what truly runs the world and despite the countless times we’ve acknowledged its significance in the workings of our lives and nature, we cannot rely on it. We cannot rule the world with love. It is not practical. People cannot be trusted. And so we have strategies. And now we’ve come a full circle.

The one thing the world needs is love. But we cannot govern the world with love.

We have solutions and yet the problems will never truly be resolved.

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