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Ahsan Ali


The wonderful Lakes & Rivers of Morocco

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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Sharing the land borders with Spain and Algeria, morocco is situated on the northwest side of the Africa and adjoining the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea. Morocco’ area is 446,550 square kilometers which are slightly more than the size of California and having a division of 37 provinces along two special districts. Morocco has the most wide-ranging lakes and river system where tourists visit to enjoy mostly water sports.

In the North of Ifrane, a seasonal beautiful the dayat lake with the life of heaven on this earth and also home to coots, egrets and herons. The surroundings of this lake are full of woodland with the residence of birds like chaffinches, tits, raptors including white and black Egyptian eagle. In normal days, many visitors come to seek pleasure on this lake with their families and friends. 

1.     Sebou River:

In the southern morocco, Sebou River is one of the long and famous rivers with the flow from the Atlas Mountains and directly fall down in the Atlantic Ocean. By basing the different fields of wheat, rice, olive and other, it goes down from the Fez city and its small towns. At Sidi Qacem, this river helps to generate the electricity in the thermal station. Other rivers are the Beth River, Ouergha and Inaouene rivers which participate the stations to produce more energy. There are some others rivers in morocco such as Loukkos River, Baht River, Bou Regreg and Massa River which are flowing in the direction of Atlantic Ocean.

2.     River Draa:

The River Draa is the longest in Morocco and extends for 684 miles. The stream tributaries from the Atlas in Central Morocco towards the southeast side and the upper parts of the waterway are dry. Among the antiquated circumstances, this river crossed forsake to join the Atlantic, giving water to many individuals. Besides, the stream has an entrancing scene with a rich social history. The valley had Venus of Tan-Tan in its valley, giving it a social criticalness and it has turned into a noteworthy vacation spot. The greater part of the oceanic vegetation are halophytic in nature and are found at the south-eastern side of the stream. Then again, there are around 40 types of fish in the waterway's biological systems. Human natural surroundings, for the most part, comprises of the Berbers who are still customary in their lifestyles. There is a danger from untreated sewage and insecticides from the inhabitants' use. The waterway has been a wellspring of many fights between different migrant tribes going back to the seventeenth and eighteenth Centuries.

Water sports, water boating, lying under the shade of green palm trees on some lake of morocco will fall you in love with these beautiful places in your morocco holidays. In the cool water of rivers of morocco, there will be certain renting boating campuses and guides who will assist you to flow down in the water direction on a boat. Your morocco holidays 2019 are going to amazing by visiting morocco.

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