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Niharika Rawat


The Truth About DU Fests That Will Help You Have a Better Time

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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Every even semester, normal academic activity across Delhi University comes to a standstill as the fests begin to arrive. Considered to be the most important event in the college calendar, with tons riding in terms of reputation, union elections and consequences, and college memories, all institutions tend to pull out all the stops to make their fests memorable, happening and yes, better than those of the others. But are they all they hyped to be? Here is some truth-

Source - (Hindustan Times)

It Will Always Be Crowded – If you wish to enjoy the best fests of the circuit, you will have to get in line – a very long, very loud line. Your favourite photography spots will vanish in front of your eyes, your foot will be trodden upon continuously, and you will find yourself getting too close to comfort with strangers, especially as the night rolls around and all the big artists take the stage. To come for a fest is to understand what population means in the Indian context.

Things Will Be Expensive – Forget the market and menu prices when you step inside the gates of a college. The more exotic or mouth-watering the purchase or food, the higher the price is likely to be. Indeed, fests can be considered a live-action creation of movie theatres, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t just eat double the amount outside in half the price and call it a day. Also, unless you really like something, don’t purchase it, because chances are you’ll find it outside at a cheaper rate.

Things Can Get Rowdy – Despite the best attempts of college authorities and brave men and women who volunteer as core team members of the fest, rowdiness, ranging from inappropriate contact to petty theft can easily become a reality in fests. Miscreants are often aided by the loud music, the crowds and the distracted nature of people, so keeping an eye out for trouble can only serve you well. Indeed, having a front row view of the stage might not be worth it if you end up being pushed into the barricades.

Source - (Stanza Stories)

Don’t Miss the Competitions – While fests are known for their food and décor, many forget to take a look at a very important thing happening right around the corner – the competitions. The societies of Delhi University compete fiercely for various titles during festivals, and one can always catch mesmerising performances of music, dance, drama and literature happening all around the college. Don’t just wander around waiting for the night to come, enjoy these performances as well. 

The Artists Make or Break Events – Which, honestly, is sad. Though artists are a major crowd and sponsorship pullers that enable the events to have the necessary funding and clout, the popularity of artists often overshadows the other efforts that the college and its students put into the fest, ranging from decorations, giving platforms to NGOs, the aforementioned society performances, and little things like photo booths.

Whether you attend for a break from books (or Netflix), at the insistence of friends, or for a genuine interest, DU fests are surely amazing events that can become fond memories as the time goes by. While the image of these fests may be somewhat distorted, it doesn’t take away from the fun and love that is present in all colleges, ranging from the little known ones to the ones that mark calendars. 

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