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The Supreme Court of India is Daredevil of the Year 2018

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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The year 2018 was a hell of a year with so much going on in India itself. If there was anything good about this year then it is the Supreme Court which should be credited for this. Some groundbreaking judgements paved the way for a better future with some stereotype breaking hearings which restored the faith of common folks in the Indian judiciary.


Here are some of the top picks from these revolutionary judgements.

1. Decriminalisation of Homosexuality

The much awaited judgement for the LGBTQ community came in the month of September where consensual gay sex was decriminalised. The judgement did specify that criminalising gay sex is arbitrary and a violation of Right to Privacy. A part of Section 377 was struck where the rest part of the law against unnatural sex with children and animals is still intact.

2. The Sabarimala Temple Verdict

According to one age old rule, women were not allowed inside the Sabarimala temple of Kerala. The court recognised this rule as a violation of gender equality. It didn’t encourage this rather reprimanded and gave the judgement where the ban on entry of women in the temple was removed. However, as a result of this verdict, a lot of local uprisings did take place since many consider the verdict as an Anti-Hindu judgement.

3. Aadhaar Linking Conditional

The illogical necessity of linking Aadhaar card everywhere was nullified. The court said that while availing SIM cards or opening bank accounts, there is no rule to provide Aadhaar card details to any private company. The initial step to insisting on Aadhar card linking by telecom companies and banks is no more necessary.

4. Live Streaming of Supreme Court

In order to ensure clarity, the Supreme Court proceedings will be streamed live. People interested in the details of the proceedings will get a live view so as to maintain more transparency. From now on, all the proceedings are being recorded as well as streamed live.

5. Adultery is no more a crime

An age old law which subjected men to be punished against men in an affair restricted women to be treated as possessions. This insulting law as a criminal offence was degraded to a domestic offence only. However, if an affair leads to suicide attempts then it will be treated as a crime abetment to suicide. There has been several misconceptions regarding the new law since most are unaware of its minute details. Section 497 of IPC defined adultery as a crime which was termed unconstitutional later.

Former Chief Justice Dipak Mishra is one of the leading men behind some major landmark judgements. This was his last year of service and he utilised his power in the best possible manner. His contribution in the 2018 hearings changed India in a significant way. Given the times we are living in there is an urgent need for a transparent system in judiciary. These path breaking judgements did give us a new hope for a better tomorrow. Undoubtedly, people’s faith in judiciary is restored once again.

By Arkamita Ghosh

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