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Eesha Dusad


The Simplicity in Loving Cliche Things

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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This is going to sound really, really cliche. But hear me out. We all love some material things. Things like movies, clothes, food, and so on. But not everyone talks about loving sunsets, or the sky, stuff like that. It becomes very cliche, romance novel type things. And most of us would probably be embarrassed to be characterised into that sort. But I want to tell you how, for some people – take me for this instance – we derive actual love and pleasure through these things. So I’m going to tell you about some of the very cliche things I love.

I love the sky. I’m absolutely in love with it. I specially like it when its a cloudy sky. I don’t know how to put it in words, but there’s something about looking at the cloud in the sky, the stark contrast of white against blue, or white against black in the night. I remember staying up at night just watching how the white against black made the sky so interesting. I also remember how the sky looked from my school. My school was on the outskirts of the town I lived in, so we didn’t have any buildings or construction obstructing our view from the school. It was just the vast open sky spreading out across the never ending horizon. And boy did the sky look beautiful. I used to sit on the stairs in recess and just stare at the sky. It might sound boring to some of you, but it was everything to me.

I love sunsets. I love the colours of the sky during sunset. Again, I specially love cloudy sunsets. I never understood why people compared clouds to strokes of paint on canvas, but after I actually learnt canvas painting, I couldn’t unsee the truth in that statement. It did look like strokes of paint in the sky. I love a cloudy sunset, because at that exact moment, the clouds would be of a totally different colour than the rest of the sky. It honestly looks so mesmerising. And even after the sun sets, and the sky is growing darker, the clouds still glow with the light of the already set sun, and that’s everything.

I love looking at the stars in the sky (lots of talk on the sky, I know, but bear with me). Since I was a little girl, stars always fascinated me. the love for it only grew as I grew up. Beautiful is an overrated word for a starry sky. We need a stronger word for it. I can never stop looking at a sky filled with stars. Again, I remember how the night sky looked from my school. With no construction around, and a deer sanctuary being there across the road from our school, we didn’t have any kind of street lights in that area. So at night, with no lights and light pollution, you all can only imagine how vast and beautiful the sky looked. You could literally make out different colours of the stars. I remember tripping over stones and on my dress on the night of my 10th grade farewell, because I could not stop looking at the sky while walking back to the bus.

I love the beach. i can spend all my time just sitting on the shore of a beach and looking at the ocean. It gives me a sense of peace, serenity. I specially love the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. My god do I love that sound. Back home, during summer, when we had the cooler down and I had to fill it up with water, the water rushed through the pipe with such force that it would cause foam to start forming in the water inside the cooler. And when the foam would dissipate, it would make this sound that would sound exactly like waves crashing on the shore of a beach. I remember just standing out in the sun, my eyes closed, the water pipe in my hand, and just listening to the sound of the foam. A false illusion that I was on a beach with the ocean around me.

Lastly, I love, love the feeling that some songs give me. I know this sounds very cringy, but the feeling of so many unexplainable emotions bubbling in my chest, waiting to burst out of me makes me so happy. It isn’t the lyrics, but the music that makes me feel it. There are only a handful of songs that make me feel something, like the music after the second stanza in Ghost of You by 5SOS and after the second stanza of Infinity by 1D. It is music like Cornfield Chase by Hans Zimmer and Gravity by Lee Stannard and Frances that make me feel truly alive. This is a feeling that I really cannot express in words. You just have to feel it


It is things like these, that seem very boring and cliche to others, but to people like me, it makes us so, so glad that we’re alive. It makes us see the true worth of living in this world, to witness these beauties, to feel these emotions. It makes it worth living the lives we’re living.

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