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Ankit Kumar


The Silent Dagger

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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Even in an overly crowded nightclub, his eyes were stuck on a girl sitting in one of the corners. She wore a decent red gown with open black hair, one end tucking behind her left ear, and was sitting near the bar table with a breezer in her hand. Akash went to the bar and took a seat beside her.

"One Magnum please." He ordered a drink for himself, although made sure he wasn't exactly looking at the bartender, but just Her.

"Hi", Akash greeted her informally.

She didn't reply back but just gave an equally casual smile.

"Can I buy you a drink?" Akash offered.

"Well, to be honest, I would have ignored your invitation on any other day, despite being the highly functional sociopath that I am! But then, let's understand the reason behind your sudden approach towards a young, lonely lady sitting in a bar, shall we?" , said the mysterious girl in a flash.

"To begin with, you seem likely to have gone through a series of monotonous piles of work all day... Oh, wait! The dark circles under your eyes represent work at night!! So not a banker, neither a doctor, and given your utter frankness , I would say you are either a sports guy or an IT guy, but sports guy would hardly risk their fitness regime with a bottle of Beer, so the appropriate deduction would be that You, my friend, are an engineer desperately looking for some luck tonight! ", she almost put those last words into his face.

For the first time in his life, Akash could really get a feel of "Sherlock's Theory Of Deduction". :P :D

He was feeling quite embarrassed in front of her when suddenly he realized that her face had turned pale while looking at someone on his back. He turned back, only to find two men staring at her from a distance.

"Oh No! They found me...", she said. Akash, smelling something fishy, inquired what was the big deal.

"Listen, I'll tell you everything, but please let's get out of here quickly before they reach out to us!", the girl finished the entire sentence within a single breath. Akash looked confused, what did this girl want from him after all? 

"Oh come on! I will have the drink that you offered me, okay? Happy Now? Can we please keep on walking? " her persistence was both provoking as well as annoying.

"Hey don't you get it? I don't care about whatever this mess of yours is! Why don't we call it off here and you leave me alone!", Akash hurled back at her.

"Easy mister! Right now, you are the unlucky one for having been caught up in this with me. So better help me outta here, i.e. unless you want me to retort with some different course of action...", said the lady, suddenly drawing a revolver from her purse.

Seeing no other viable choice, Akash began to escort the lady outside the bar, leapfrogging the penetrating stare from the two other guys.

"I know you are curious, but trust me you have no idea what you are dealing with right now. It's better you keep that mouth of yours shut and meanwhile enjoy my company! I mean that's what you were here for, right?", the lady winked at Akash.

"What could I possibly say to make it any better?", said a disgusted Akash.

The lady smiled mischievously at him. After all, she thought everything was in control.

If only she could read the text Akash was sending from his phone:

"Target acquired. Meet me at Point X. Over and Out!"

Walking up to a safe place outside the bar, he asked her, "But Why are you running away from them?"

"Oh, they are just wasting their time because they think my life is in danger! ", the girl said chuckling.

"Oh, That's interesting! Because I heard the exact thing today ", said Akash, inching closer.

"What do you mean? I don't understand!", she gave a puzzled look to Akash.

Akash tugged at her and whispered in her ear, "Oh dear, if all that is to happen were known to us, what a boring life it would have been!"

A dagger flashed amidst the sparkling DJ lights, and the girl's scream got lost in the wild DJ tracks.

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