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Ria Dabhade


The Reason For Our Existence

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6 months ago
6 months ago
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Earth is the miracle of the universe. They say that the universe never ends, as it does not have an edge because it keeps on expanding every second. This gigantic universe consists of space and time. It has infinite galaxies, stars, planets and things that human beings may have never thought about… so I would like to ask you a question! What is the reason for your existence? Why do you exist?

If you are a pious, who is a believer in god or any religion, then according to various religious texts, it is said that god created the universe. For example, in the holy book of the Bhagavad Geeta, the sacred text of Hinduism, "Sri Krishna said: The whole cosmic order is under Me. Under My will it is automatically manifested again and again, and under My will it is annihilated at the end." God is said to be the creator, preserver and destroyer and that he would never create something or someone for no reason. Hence, everything in this universe, that is from the blink of your eye, the idea that pops up in your brain, the reason why the sun is burning to the very existence of this universe, was the will of the god. Do you agree with this or not?

If you are an atheist, who is not a believer in god then do you agree with science? Edward Norton Lorenz, the pioneer of ‘The Chaos Theory’ coined the term ‘The Butterfly Effect’. According to this theory, it was scientifically proved that if a Butterfly flaps its wings at just the right time in just the right place, it could cause a hurricane thousands of miles away. This is just one example of the chaos theory. It sounds unbelievable right? Let me give you another example.

The First World War was the epitome of destruction, devastation and how frightening the human beings can be. This is the war that changed the life of every single person in this world, but this war began due to the one mistake of a driver; the driver of Sir Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. This driver made the mistake of taking the wrong turn!

Initially seven young Bosnian Serbs, who were part of the nationalist “Black Hand”, planned to assassinate Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary. The first attempt failed when a bomb was thrown on his car. The conspirator had missed the target and hence was arrested. As the car carrying the Archduke, took an alternate route, the driver made the mistake of taking a wrong turn and coincidentally, Gavrilo Princip happened to be there. Gavrilo Princep was one of the nationalists. He shot and killed the Archduke. This resulted in Austria declaring war on Serbia and in response, Russia declared war on Austria. Other nations obliged by their alliances, joined the war and hence the First World War began.

Did you understand how an insignificant action or a mistake of taking the wrong turn led to the destruction of the world! This is the butterfly effect. It shows us how one small action can trigger a catastrophe or salvation of mankind. Now, if you imagine that the world war one never took place, millions of people wouldn’t have died in the midst of war and so all these people who did not die could have their bloodlines continued. So a different population of families could have lived! The point I am making is that, almost the entire current population of this world that we are currently living in, couldn’t have existed!

The reason for our existence can be something way beyond what the human mind can comprehend. Your existence right now can cause something incredible tomorrow, in a month, in a year or in ten thousand years!!! Any small action that you do today, may have an effect at someplace far in this universe.

An easy example can be that what if Steve Jobs parents never met? Then Steve Jobs couldn’t have existed or what if Steve Jobs grandparents or any of his ancestors never met? Then again Steve Jobs couldn’t have existed! Hence, the revolutionary company “Apple Inc.”, which made tons of employment opportunities, which helped other people create software’s, applications, movies, music, money, etc…couldn’t have existed and so all these people could have had their lives altered in a drastic manner and all this could have happened just because Steve Jobs parents, grandparents or any of his ancestors could have never met.

You exist for something way beyond your understanding. Right now at this very moment, the reason for your existence was possible due to unimaginable amount of variables. The possibility of you being alive right now is almost zero, yet you exist! You have raced against millions of sperms to be born and hence the possibility of your existence right now, if calculated will almost be zero!

This is life! It is something filled with incredible things. Life has its ups and downs. It can give you adventure, sorrow, happiness, and millions of other things. That is how miraculous life is… So, enjoy every second of it. If you want to study, study! If you want to go somewhere, go! As this life that we are living right now, was due to so many coincidences and variables that if you had played dice to exist, the die that you rolled, would have had a trillion sides out of which only one side had the possibility of you living. It is so precious, that we do not have the right to end it on our own due to some selfish reason!

Have a great life and live everyday and every second of it and keep on sparking your curiosity, as that is what makes life interesting and our existence meaningful. 

BY: © Ria Dabahde

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