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The Rape of her Resilience

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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The incident that I am going to share with you people is solely true. If you are an Indian, you must be familiar / faced this atrocious and obnoxious activity because it's omnipresent.

It all happened about 11 years back when I was in class 7.

There used to be a tutor 3-4 house next to ours. I can't disclose the name of his caste because it would lead to chaos and I might get killed in a few days. You must be thinking about how mentioning his caste would get me killed, but for your kind information, it's not a big deal in our country. That's not a big deal here. People are insane out there. They take ample pride in their caste rather than in their errands. 

Anyways, my brother and I used to go to his house for studying. There were only 4 members in his family. He, his wife, his little daughter and his mother. The family seemed a kind of adorable but it wasn't. Everyone in his house except him was well behaved. The tutor used to go to others' houses to teach. When he comes to his house, he always demanded something to eat in a very rude way. I was just 12 years old but old enough to understand who's who! His wife was very pretty and sophisticated. I still remember her beautiful attire and her compassionate behaviour. Despite having these qualities, she was ill-treated by her husband. Every time he reaches home, he scolds her, shouts at her and even beat her without any reason. This happened almost every single day. I couldn't find what's wrong with him and such kind of people. Why the hell do they try to be dominating???

Since my childhood, I have listened, heard and seen many such barbarous practices but right then it was happening too close to me. I was naive and didn't know how to deal with such kind of people. I just felt bad for her. She didn't deserve that. In fact, no other woman in this world deserves that.

Eventually, we stopped going to his house as we didn't even like his teaching. A few months later, we heard a piece of horrible news. Guess what??

She committed suicide! She hanged herself to the ceiling fan. We came out of our homes and encountered a huge crowd in front of his house. People present there forbade me to go inside as I was a kid and they believed that if I go inside, her pathetic condition will affect me. They were absolutely right! Although I didn't go inside yet I couldn't stop myself thinking about her condition and the pain her family especially her little daughter was going through. Her daughter was merely 6-7 years old. I can't say that I know the feeling of losing a mother, but I feel everyone's pain and sufferings. That's a kind of curse on me I guess. A few days after that incident, I saw him again and was observing him from a distance. There was not a sign of repentance on his face but a proud look on his face. Strange right? I am bad at judging people but that was the first man whom I judged right. He was truly a *************. Sorry, I couldn't figure out a word for such a person. It's been 22 years since I came to this world and I have rarely seen women being treated properly no matter where I go! Unfortunately, her resilience broke but there are women who are still trying to survive in such environment with such people around them.

I don't know how to end this blog but I just want to say that despite the menstrual cycle, women have to go through a lot. Treat them like you want your mother to be treated. I might sound like a feminist now, but I am not one. I just am a considerate pal! 


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