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The Most Amazing Movies of 2018 That Broke All Stereotypes

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7 months ago
7 months ago
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2018 was a tremendous year for movies. We got to taste a variety of genres with unexpected innovations. Some small movies did tremendously well while some big budget films failed miserably. Many new potential artists became famous while some famous celebrities failed our expectations. It was such an interesting ride altogether with some wonderful stereotype breaking films. Here are some of the films which are our top picks in breaking stereotypes.

1. Badhaai Ho

This family drama mixed with comedy brought out the matter of pregnancy of a woman who has a son of twenty five years of age. The embarrassment that follows leads to a series of events that showcase that there is nothing to be embarrassed about it. The only thing that is required is to overcome that ill feeling and to realise that children also need to stand up for their parents and not only the other way round.

2. Raazi

Inspired from original events, a Kashmiri woman had to struggle between her role as a wife of a Pakistani army officer and a spy for India. Given that, how she puts her responsibility before her emotions is undoubtedly heart wrenching. Moved by the events, it pops the fantasy regarding the life of espionages we have seen on screen before.

3. October

It is a tale of love quite different from the way we have seen it happen. The lead characters interact in silence after a painful incident which results in an understanding that is so simple yet so rare. You don’t get to see something you have seen before but relate to it. It broke the stereotype that love needs to happen in a certain way only.

4. Pari

It is not just some other horror film but a dark satire in society where everything is decided beforehand as good and evil. Born under evil power, Rukhsana is a victim who wants to set herself free from the poison she carries as a witch. Pari will move you as it will make you realise that good and evil are not separate entity but a part of each other. It broke the stereotype of going by the society’s definition of good and evil, and targeting the weak.

5. Padman

The stigma related to periods gets shattered in this film which is a true story. A man’s effort to keep his wife happy by embarking on a journey to find a way to help women in his family during their periods by making cheap sanitary napkins. The stereotype of treating menstruation as a hush hush matter and restricting it to a woman’s matter only is such a wrong attitude that should have changed years back.

6. Lust Stories

Women exploring their sexuality as a necessity was a brave move. The need to talk about what woman wants and what women gets under several circumstances was very necessary. The perspective of treating women as humans with sexual needs, desires and fantasies was done beautifully. The stereotype of women being a submissive section with everything either pious or evil about them is the extremist notion that needed a break.

7. Sanju

There would be mixed views when it comes to the plot of Sanju. It is more about not glorifying the life of a person who has been a celebrity. The story if a reflection on the mistakes done by a privileged person and his way of correcting his mistakes and rebuilding his life through the hard way. The flaws and the bad choices were realised and it broke the concept that the privileged ones have everything easy.

By Arkamita Ghosh

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