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Indrita Ganguly


The Latest Instalment of Devil May Cry shifts focus on all the characters.

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24 days ago
24 days ago
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"It's not about loss... strength is a choice. Fighting like hell to protect what's important. You threw

away everything you ever had... no wonder you have no true power!" -Dante

With 4 previous blockbusters games and even an anime series, Capcom’s devil may cry 5 is their

biggest release following Resident Evil 2 for this year. Since Devil May Cry 5 came out almost eleven

years after the previous title, Devil May Cry 4 (2008), expectations were really high from this game.

Some pundits speculated that the game is going to be a major failure since it was scheduled to

release right after Resident Evil 2 which is a major turning point in Capcom’s flagship series Resident

Evil. But after almost 2 months of the game’s release, it is safe to say that Capcom made a

masterpiece and Devil May Cry 5 is perhaps the best Devil May Cry game of all time.

For those who don’t know, directed by Hideaki Itsuno, Devil May Cry 5 is an action adventure, hack-

n-slash videogame, developed by Capcom. The first game of the series was launched in 2001. The

story followed the adventures of Dante, a demon hunter, and his demon hunting company, Devil

May Cry. The origin story of Dante is pretty interesting. Dante’s father Sparda was a legendary

demon knight who fell in love with a mortal named Eva. Together they gave birth to two sons, Dante

and Virgil. This was not accepted in the underworld, however. On the orders of demon king Mundus,

their house was raided and Eva was killed. Before dying, Eva saved Dante by hiding him in the closet

but Virgil was lost in the conflict. Many years later Virgil appears, in Devil May Cry 3 (2005), seeking

revenge from Dante for not saving him that night.

The gameplay of Devil May Cry 5 is fast paced and stylish, like its predecessors. After almost 14

hours of gameplay, I was not bored even for a bit. The interesting part is the playable character in

this game. Even though our favourite Dante gets the best possible look and carries on having that

unapologetic character, he is not the main protagonist of the game. The main protagonist of the

game is Nero, a blade wielding, demon armed, youngster who was first introduced in Devil May Cry

4. Nero had striking resemblance to Dante and when first introduced many speculated him to be

Dante’s son in a twisted turn of event. The other playable character is V who is newly introduced in

the game. Keeping the spoilers aside, Devil May Cry 5 serves as an origin story for both Nero and V.

another new character introduced is Nico, the granddaughter of the gunsmith who made Dante his

iconic guns, Ebony and Ivory. Trish and Lady, from the previous games, are also present but are not


With next-gen graphics, new stunning combos, a gripping storyline with a twisted ending and the

newly introduced bike/swords for Dante, you should most definitely play Devil May Cry 5 for an

unforgettable gaming experience.

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