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Neha Garg


The journey from A Baby to The Body

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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Photo Credit- Josh Bean

Oh god is this really true, I am speechless after hearing the good news. So happy for you, so when in the baby due.

When a woman is pregnant it’s the ultimate happiness for the woman herself in the first place and then for the people related to her. Everyone knowing about her this phase of life, all they ask is 

How is the baby feeling inside? 

Is the baby nagging you much or not? 

Have you started feeling the baby kicks?

What gender of the baby do you want? Etc. 

Then would-be mother very demurely says the baby is dancing after listening to music from outside,

Baby seems to be indolent and feeling sluggish.

Baby is hungry, and many other things.

But did you notice the only way to address is "the baby", there is no name to the little soul Inside the womb. But once this beautiful creature is out in the world, he or she is given all sorts of names, nicknames and formal prefixes such as Mr, Ms or Mrs. Throughout his/ her life the baby which came into existence is addressed with various names by varied people, from childhood till the old age. 

Photo Credit-Rob ven der Meijden

In contrast, after being called from varied names throughout ones life, names disappear and one is only called "a body" when he is dead. Then people related to him says: 

Oh god, when did that happen?. 

I am speechless and shattered after hearing the demise.

So will they do the postmortem of the body?

When and where will the body be bury?

How did they bring the body from the hospital?

Where is the body kept now? etc. Distinct names were used to call him when he was alive, and now within fraction of seconds all those salutations disappeared and he was only addressed as " the body".

This transition is overlooked by every human being, when being in existence, whereas this happens to be one of the inevitable truth of our life.

By Neha Garg

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