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Ankit Kumar


The Insignificant Wish

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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City Police Station at Lajpat Nagar, Delhi... Time: 6.00 PM. Devil's Hour, some would say!

Michael, a man in his early 30s, was sitting silently in the Police Interrogation room, fuming from within as he waited for his lawyer to arrive.

"I'm going to be a dead man, shouldn't have trusted this idiot Shukla in the first place", he could be seen murmuring this all the time, walking across the room.

He was brought in here today itself, under accusations of in total 5 murders and 3 double-murders in a row. Just a look at him and even the purest soul on the earth could a glimpse of his wrecked soul and know what he had been up to, all this time.

Quite interestingly, however, he had been demanding for proofs in order to accept his sins since he was caught by the police, who had a rough time tracing him down.

So finally, here he was, immensely quiet, sitting like the devil's own right hand, waiting to be served. It is perhaps rightly said, "Hell cannot be worse than it has already been". His only hope was his lawyer Ram Shukla, but at this point in time, his arrival was severely delayed, and that thought was eating Michael away from within.

Shukla had a reputation of, some would say "A Devil's Advocate". He had fought for many criminals over the years and had saved their lives from time to time, including that of Michael's. That's why Michael always counted on him to come good, each time he summoned him for help. Poor Michael, little did he know that things were going to take a chilling twist there!

At last, he arrived suddenly out of thin air and barged straight into the interrogation room.

"There you are, my bad man!!", chuckled Shukla to cheer Michael up. But Michael shrugged off his shoulders furiously. "Where the hell had you been, Shukla??", he questioned.

"Relax, we have time on our side. You are here for what, 3 hours?? Now that I'm here, it's just a matter of time you would be walking out that door".

"Oh Yeah, you think? That's exactly why I hired you in the first place. Now let's get your bad game up. We've got to do our hands dirty now", Michael exclaimed with joy like a kid.

"Yeah about that, I have to tell you something. I'm kind of thinking to handle it differently this time. In fact, we are no longer playing any bad games from now on".

"What are you even talking about? That doesn't sound like you at all", Michael said.

"Yeah, of course, the whole world is like that, pal. What you seem to have isn't always the thing that's actually there and at times, we fail to see what's already present and then later, regret losing it.", Shukla began to speak in a deeper voice, catching Michael with a surprise.

"Oh I see, now you are playing Good Cop, Bad Cop with me. Trust me, you are fishing in the wrong waters here, man. I am not some regular guy you can compromise with at your will. By the way, you haven't yet told me what do you want me to do today?", the restlessness in Michael's voice could be felt in the room.

"Hear it for the one and the last time. You are going to confess in front of me today, and accept all the horrible things you have been doing. And mark my words, I will take care of things from there, and very soon, you will have a normal life to live. Add to that, You can even have a wish for yourself at the end of this confession. I promise you to fulfill it any cost.", Shukla seemed to be very certain as he spoke, well, at least to himself.

"Oh cut the crap! Who are you to assure me? I'm sure there is something wrong happening here!! Security! Secur-i--t-y", Michael's body trembled as he spoke.

"You don't get it, do you? I am here to help you only. Let me tell you, there is no one else coming to help you if you do not accept this offer. Have a little faith in me here, I know you can!", Shukla confronted him.

"Look at you, talking all Goody-Goody today haan, Shuklaji! Who the hell you think you are? Even if God himself were to come to the earth and talk to me, I wouldn't confess."

"There my child, finally Your call reaches out to me!", said Ram, whose otherwise existing life-form suddenly appeared surrounded by the divine light which oozed out from within itself. Michael kept staring at it in disbelief as it went on speaking. "I am God indeed and I have decided to grant you a wish if you choose to testify today. After that, by my grace, you would be uplifted from all sins and a new happy life would welcome you in its arms. I hope you choose wisely, Son! As this is your one and only chance for redemption."

"Oh, So it is you after all..", Michael sprung up to his feet suddenly. "You have no idea how I have been looking forward to seeing you someday for real like my wife once imagined", Michael suddenly seemed quite desperate to get to Shukla, his hands reaching out to him.

"Do you have any idea why I killed those people? It is because I wanted to prove it to everybody. Prove that you don't exist, well not in the sense Everybody thinks you do. Not for my wife and children who held their hands together and called your names repeatedly even at gunpoint, hoping to witness a miracle out of your magic box. But you failed them, and now they are all dead. Just like that!

You asked me for a wish now, didn't you? Well, now that I know who I am talking to, I believe that it's time I get one. Not that I'm desperate to get out, but this would be something which would truly fulfill my purpose", Michael's voice kept getting stronger with each passing moment.

"I don't understand, what is it that you want?" 

"I already knew you were a coward who couldn't stand By the people who worshipped him, who couldn't save all of those whom I killed with these hands.. and today I am going to prove that you are an Idiot too, hoping to change my mind. I wanna kill someone right now. I wanna kill you!", said Michael, catching his breath as he spoke. 

"There is no God! There is no........" 


A light flashed in front of Michael's eyes, and he was forced to stand at his place as if some invisible power had held onto him. As soon as the mystery light cleared, he fell onto the ground like a dead rug.

Suddenly, the door flung open and the policemen busted into the room. Michael, still alarmed from his unearthly encounter with God himself a couple of minute's ago, looked around the room to find a bunch of policemen, a couple of news reporters, literally everyone expected in a Police station, except HIM.

"Move your butt, you nuthead!!", a Policeman said, lifting him up.

"What.. What did I just do??", a confused and probably for the first time, helpless Michael enquired.

"God, you are really insane!! No wonder you are a Serial Killer... But not anymore, as you just confessed your crime and by the looks of it, you ain't gonna come out from the prison long time. Good luck with all your drama inside those bars now. Let's put you into custody, shall we?", The Inspector replied, with a smirky smile on his face.

God and his mysterious ways are indeed never to be questioned, especially when they take the form of a wish.

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