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karan Mehta


The future of Google Chrome

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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What will be the future search engine?

A search engine like Google, Firefox, Opera, etc. is a program that runs across the world wide web and searches for specific keywords and characters inputted and defined by a user and then finds the most relevant sites in its database or however the search may be defined in its algorithm.

I would like to take the search engine Google Chrome and make it the search engine of the future. Google Chrome is the most used search engine across the world with over than 1 billion active users with that count only rising. Google Chrome has several great features and helps the user with its massive database search for the most relevant sites related to the content. Although google chrome is on top of the mountain with the largest active user base, amazing user interface and the most extensive database it still comes up short many a times for search results that are not available anywhere except the dark web.

I believe that to make google better and to make it the search engine of the future it needs to have a filter which can be turned on and off based on the requirement of the user. This feature will be a filter which includes/excludes dark web search results. The dark web browser TOR browser is available for download on google chrome and hence the argument of people saying it’s not easily available is dismissed. We progressed from books to the internet for our search whether academic or just general. Any information we want we go onto the internet and find it easily. In the cases of the dark web lots of people use separate browsers and try to access it which causes security issues and the dark web is infamous for the kind of information available. If google incorporated this feature it would give the people accessing it all the information and while doing that it could track the data of the user. When the dark web is accessed from other sources it has the risk of it being accessed with the protection of vpn’s and several other security measures. If google incorporated the entire dark web also it could collect the data that users use and could even sell it to government institutions of security so that they have greater control over the security and what the people are accessing. Knowledge and information are after all the greatest weapon for anyone. The biggest need of the citizens of the future is going to be unrestricted access to information and I believe this is the solution.

It would enable users to freely access all the information already available and some more. In the future people are going to want to be free from only accessing certain information and ae going to try to juice out as much information as they can from any source they can. This provides google chrome with the opportunity to widen its user base, content and revenue. It gives the user more access and free access with it also giving the authorities of every nation more security control and more awareness about the search the residents of their country are making. It would put every party in a win win situation and redefine search in a way that it never could before.

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