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The Divine Power of Self Loveverified tick

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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We grew up hearing “you can’t love anyone else until you learn to love yourself first”. However true that saying is, how many of us actually incorporate it selflessly?

Not many, I suppose.

Say no to a party and you might be accused of being selfish. But is it really something to be called selfish for, when we choose something according to our convenience? Not that I believe.

We, at times, become so dwelled up in the rat race and we actually end up forgetting to nurture our true self. We forget that we are uniquely polished and our antiques do not deserve to be compared with anyone but our present self. We underestimate the divine power of self-love.

To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.”

-Thich Nhat Hanh

In a world of weekend parties and weekdays hullabaloo, we forget to address our own chaotic heart. We forget that we need to breathe, hug our own self and caress our head. Self-neglect may lead to a prolonged state of unconscious unhappiness, dissatisfaction or insecurity.  When we are happy inside, we make this world a beautifully better place to live in.

When Indian television serials show the protagonist as the goddess of sacrifices, it actually inflicts the wrong implementation towards individual self of the society. It gives society a perspective of how a true hero “should” be. But, in reality there is no “should” which has to be followed. In reality we set our own boundaries and create our own “should”. Start giving that power to someone else and we would start witnessing a change in the way we live, a change we sure won’t like.

We sacrifice and do a hell lot of adjustments for the people we love, but amidst all that, we cannot afford to forget our own happiness. We don’t find too many happy souls around. People are either burdened with piled up work, running out of time or running in the race of being on top. None of them are wrong. But, what’s not justified is to utterly overlooking enticing our own soul amidst chasing all of them. Love yourself. Love yourself unconditionally.

Irrespective of whether you topped your class, or you bagged your dream job or you impressed your crush, all of us deserve to be loved by our own self. Don’t be hard on yourself. If anything goes wrong, don’t give it exaggerated attention.

All of us must have surely encountered that person whose mere presence lights up the whole surrounding. When they walk into a party or a conference, things automatically appear more positive and gloomy. Their magical presence is not a blessing but naturally develops when you unconditionally start loving yourself. The way you impeccably carry your confidence reflects the divine power of self-love.

Love yourself , because you owe it yourself.

By Sakshi Darpan

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Hemant Kumar

Very nice

5 months ago 
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Pratik Darpan

You rock.

5 months ago