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Suruchi Bhargava


The Cultural Change India is Witnessing

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4 months ago
4 months ago
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Change is inevitable but we never knew a decade had the potential to change so much. India has shown tremendous growth in different facets. From economy and politics to sports, business and digitization, India has seen it all. But one of the unprecedented changes is espied in the Indian culture. It’s unimaginable yet true. People dress up differently, talk differently. More and more women and men are shattering stereotypes that shackle them to express themselves and just be themselves. There’s more freedom in choosing a career, lifestyle and even a life partner.

Women are finally standing up for themselves, doing all that was once considered to be a man’s job. There are legions of financially independent women taking care of their families. People have started living life on their own terms and not much care and attention are being given to “What will the society say” and “What will other people think”.

Indian cinema is also getting out of the manacles that try to restrain creativity and freedom of expression. The kinds of movies that are now made are not conservative and show what actually is. There is increased number of female centric movies as well and women aren’t just given side roles as was the case in a male dominated Indian cinema it used to be.

Technology has radically changed the way the world works now and India is no exception. Internet, smart phones, computers, smart tech and Artificial Intelligence have transformed everything. There are new jobs in these segments and the older ones don’t work the same way they used to. Things have already metamorphosed or are on the verge of transformation.

People are vehement about what they like and what they want. They are far more candid and eloquent about these things than they ever were. There is also momentous change in the cuisines and foods Indians have begun to indulge in. Pizza, burgers and French fries are the new normal but this hasn’t in any way changed our love for Indian dishes! Rajma chawal wins hands down.

Everything has two sides. India has shown humongous growth and advancement but there are downsides to this change as well. Most people these days are glued to screens, living a superficial life. They don’t talk to friends and family in vicinity but keep texting their virtual friends on social media or squander their precious time scrolling through it. The world is full of digital distractions. Limited attention and lack of focus have real and far-reaching consequences. If we can strike a balance, we lead the change. Otherwise, the change leads us.

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You should probably look into the Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik. She is the epitome of leftist culture idealism. She is 42 now. Divorced. Unhappy. This is what is in store for women in the new age.

4 months ago