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Suruchi Bhargava


The Cardinal Social Media Sins You Should Never Commit

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6 months ago
6 months ago
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We all know the dos of social media but what about the don’ts? 

The world is having an epiphany of a Social Media Epidemic. It wasn’t long before we considered it one of the biggest boons of mankind. Though the tables have turned, we can’t deny social media has brought a revolutionary change in our lives. It is a double-edged sword. It has umpteenth number of upsides but there are a few things you should eschew to not let social media take over your life.

Here are 9 deadly social media sins you should forswear to save yourself from the social media mayhem!

1.   Cyberbullying

It’s very easy to criticize people or say mean things sitting behind a screen. Some people don’t even have the guts to say things that they say online in person. One should realize how just one mean sentence can hurt people for ages, make them self-doubt, self-conscious or can get as devastating that it could lead people to take their own lives. It’s very important to acknowledge this and be respectful to everyone not only face to face but online too. Remember good manners cost nothing.

2.   Grammar policing

Don’t flay someone because they typed an ‘s’ instead of ‘ss’. Sometimes people do make typos and it is certainly okay! To err is human. Posting condescending comments and reprimanding people online because they misspelled something or because it was just incorrect English is wrong. If you really want to help someone with anything, message them personally telling them how they could improve or what was wrong rather than doing it all publicly to look smart or erudite. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Be nice, you don’t have to belittle someone for writing an incorrect sentence. Have humility!

3.   Comparison

Just because someone’s life looks perfect on social media and they upload sassy pictures on Instagram, you don’t really have to feel bad about your life and yourself. Just because your friends seem to travel to exotic places and never repeat clothes in pictures does not mean you’re not as worthy as they are. Not everything that is portrayed on social media is true. Learn to love your life and your own self. If you think any area in your life needs improvement, work on it. Be gentle with yourself and stop comparing!

4.   Addiction

Unbridled use of social media can have plethora of mental and physical health implications. Social media makes people lazy. People just want be on the couch or in bed using social media all the time. It can make people distracted and preoccupied which affects productivity. It also affects people mentally and can even cause depression. It can make people isolate themselves. People keep comparing their lives with those of others and feel miserable about their own selves. Don’t squander your precious time on social media. Moderation is the key!

5.   Not owning up to mistakes

We all make mistakes but owning up to those mistakes is very important. Owning up to mistakes only shows resolute character. Accepting a mistake or apologizing for a mistake will improve circumstances and relationship and it goes for social media as well. The idea of perfection is hypothetical. The world is always changing and evolving. If you make a mistake, just admit you’re wrong. How hard could that be?

6.   Catfishing

Social media is the hotspot to put up façades. Pretending to be someone else online is not just unethical but also disrespecting yourself. People mostly do this to come in romantic relationships online but there can be other reasons too. According to a survey, most people do this because of loneliness and self- hatred. You are good just the way you are and using someone else’s or a fake identity to trick people is unscrupulous. Be original, be yourself.

7.   Body-shaming

Social media can impinge on self-esteem. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and we all have heard of it, haven’t we? People should not stereotype what is beautiful and what is not. . No skin color is better than the other. There is nothing like an ideal body type. If you’re fit and healthy, help others stay fit and healthy too but ridiculing and disparaging someone because they don’t look like the ideal image in your head is preposterous. This can make people hate themselves and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to do that to anyone. Don’t make people feel deplorable and poignant.

8.   Trolling

It’s good to be funny and humorous but trolling isn’t. Just because you’re out of good jokes, you can’t start trolling people. Be sensitive and put yourself in people’s shoes before you troll them. Trolling people subjects them to emotional and social ordeal. Respect people offline as well as online. They deserve it as much as you do. Have values and ideals and just try not to do something to people you wouldn’t want to be done to you. Hostility does no good!

9.   Inciting violence

These days, people just love stirring the pot on social media, pandering to bias and prejudice. Keep your distance from the hardliners! Inciting violence for political, religious or personal reasons is something no one should ever do. The repercussions of inciting violence can be dangerous. It might cause vandalism, loss of life and property and what’s good in that? Lives matter more than likes! Why spread hatred and anger?

 Galvanize people not to incite violence but to incite love, not to break but to make.

Most of us are so busy capturing the moments that are important to us that we end up not living them. We have thousands of friends online and we still feel lonely. We post top-notch pictures online and still feel insecure inside. We show we are having fun even when we aren’t. It’s real life that we are missing out on!

Every coin has two sides. Social media can change your life for the better or for the worse. The choice is yours!

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