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Ameya Agrawal


The Biggest Mistake Freshers Do While Applying for a Job!

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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Dear Freshers, 

The current situation is tough. Jobs are scares. Skills are lacking. Most of our population is young and looking for jobs, Competition is brutal and colleges are not able to meet expectations. 

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People tend to buckle under the economic and social pressure and this leads the young job seekers ( freshers ) to take steps they don't know they might regret in the future. 

They lie on their resume!

I know it is your dream job or your family is at stake. I know it could be a 'Do or Die' situation for you and you can do anything to get that one job, but trust me lying on your resume can do more harm than good.

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One of the most common things which the freshers lie about on their resume is the Year Gap they have. 

The reason for the gap could be you flunking a subject, were too lazy to look for employment, absconded your past employer, couldn't decide your career or simply couldn't crack an interview. The reasons can be many and students for years have been relying on simply covering up the gap by providing a fake experience certificate.

But, as it is getting easier to obtain a fake certificate by shedding some money, it is also getting easier for employers to weed out fake ones. 

Imagine, you are almost 11 months in your job, enjoying the perks, being the employee of the month and suddenly you receive a call from the HR that they found a discrepancy in your background check. 

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No one likes a dishonest employee. As cliche, as it might sound " Honesty, is still the best policy". Employers don't give a second chance when it comes to cheating because it is directly connected with your character.

While employers are ready to teach you skills and even pay you for learning it, a character is something which they expect you to develop on your own and inherit in your behavior and display through your actions

Before you know it, you will be asked to leave the company, probably even without an experience letter, a bad repo and another additional one year gap to justify to your next potential employer. 

Even if you get a job somewhere else and your employer checks with your past employer, you can just pray that they won't spill the beans else you will not be able to go anywhere else. 

Fear it just like we use to fear to get a red signature on our leaving certificate in school which can make sure that you won't get admission anywhere. 

I have seen this happening with someone who is close to me and trust me, this is bad. Worst. 

Do not lie on your Resume

So what you can do to avoid this situation?

  • Start Early. Look for jobs at least a year before graduation. 
  • Look for internships
  • Don't just wait for the job to come to you. If you joined coaching classes, don't just depend on that. Your coaching won't justify the gap. How can you expect it to suffice, when even your degree was not sufficient. 
  • Do a side hustle. Part-time job. Freelance. 
  • Learn a skill apart from your professional plans. 
  • Do some community service.

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Doing this can help you justify the gap. Do something that is accountable. Something that can add to your experience. Something that gives a result. Something relevant.

Reading 100 books but not using it anywhere won't help. Attending coaching but not having hands on won't help. Work for free if you need to. Just don't sit idle. 

Don't unnecessarily brag. People sitting on the other side of the table have 100x more experience than you. They are trained to spot a lie and if they do, you will find yourself on the street back to square one searching for jobs.

And this is Why Lying on Your Resume is Worse than Not Getting a Job!

Hope this helps.

Peace! More Power to you.

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Ameya Agrawal (24 years) is a Motivational Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Engineer and was also conferred with a National Record for being the ‘ The Youngest Engineering Student To Write A Book On Self –Motivation’

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