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The Best TV Shows About Artificial Intelligence You Need to Watch

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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Artificial intelligence has gradually but surely made its way into our homes and into our lives. And as this technology continues to grow and intrigue the world with the possibilities it holds for humanity’s future, it is little surprise that people who make TV shows are also exploring this phenomenon by the means of their shows. And before you jump to any conclusions, AI shows these days are not your run of the mill drama-heavy serials that only offer entertainment. Today, TV shows based on AI are not only exploring the various implications of this technology in our lives but also increasing awareness and educating the masses about its true potential. If you haven’t watched such a show yet, here is a list of TV show names to get you started with this genre:

1. Humans


It is a popular British American show, which is inspired by a popular Swedish show ‘Real Humans’. The show depicts an alternate reality where robots known as ‘synths’ serve as robotic servants and also does a wonderful job exploring the psychological impact of artificial intelligence – for not only humans but also robots.

2. Intelligence


The plot revolves around the main character Gabriel played by Josh Holloway. Gabriel is a high technology intelligence operative with a brain implant that contains a super computer microchip, which enables him to connect with global information. This, in turn, gives him complete access to internet, telephones, wi-fi, etc. He specialises in hacking and uses his abilities to defend the U.S. from its enemies. Long story short, the show portrays the character as the first super computer with a beating heart.

3. Person Of Interest


Trust us, when we say this, Person of Interest is not only among the finest TV shows about AI, it is also one of the best TV shows ever made. Period. Its plot revolves around a crime fighting team that uses an AI to predict future crime scenes. Besides that, the show explores the relationship between humans and AI and how the latter can affect the future of mankind.

4. Small Wonder

An extremely popular and entertaining sitcom during the 80s, Small Wonder is about a family that takes in a robot named VICI (Voice Input Child Identicant) and treats her as their daughter. The true identity of VICI is hidden in the entire series but ask any 90s child and you know that this show absolutely rib-tickling!

5. Almost Human


Though this wonderful sci-fi drama by J.J. Abrams was cancelled only after the first season, it was highly appreciated by the audience. The show portrays the future in the year 2048 and depicts how advanced technology contributes to increasing crime.

We hope you enjoy these shows as much as we did. And if you believe you have some recommendations for this list, please feel free to tell us in the comments section.

By Kritika Sethi

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