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Suruchi Bhargava


The Art of Letting Go

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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We all need to let go of something. Something that keeps us stuck in the past even though it’s time to step into the present. There are times we know what exactly we are clinging to that we need to let go of and there are times when we don’t. Ask yourself what is holding you back. What is clipping your wings?

Letting go shows strength and fortitude. It shows you respect and love yourself enough to not entertain anything that does not serve you or revamp your life. Situations and people can be very powerful, powerful enough to leave a mark for a lifetime but do they have to be? Isn’t this your life? Shouldn’t you be the one to decide what stays and what doesn’t?

Sure you can’t control everything in your life but you and only you have the power to decide “what next”. Whatsoever happened, happened. All you have is NOW. You decide how to deal with it and move forward.

It is okay to feel. We are all humans and if we don’t feel, there is definitely something wrong with us. Feel it, completely. We all feel indignation, anger, regret, sorrow or any other kind of pain. Take your time. These lows make you what you are supposed to be but the question is how long?

You cannot go on forever carrying this baggage if you want a happy life. Seriously, think about it. It affects everything. Get rid of the baggage before it’s too late, before it does irreparable damage. You need to let it go and move on. Know letting go is not letting up, it is acceptance. It is not letting the past note drown out your present melody.

It’s easy to slip into the past, we all would want to do a few things different than we did, sometimes past even seems like a happy place, better than the present moment but remember past is gone! If the present moment doesn’t look that bright or exuberant, well, it is your job to make it that. Instead of dwelling in the past, try making your present a happy place, this is the only way your future can be rosy and glorious.

See, life is not a utopia. We all know that. Things don’t turn out to be as we planned. Things can go terribly wrong. They often do, right? But this is the beauty of life, to stand up when you get knocked down. Bad things make you appreciate the good in life. You might never cognize pure bliss if you haven’t known despair. But letting go is what helps you fly when you can barely crawl.

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