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Manali Gharat


The Addictive World of Haruki Murakami

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2 months ago
2 months ago
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Haruki Murakami, if you have not yet heard this name then you are definitely miles away from good fiction and also probably living under a rock. Anyone who has read Murakami's works will agree to the fact that his books are difficult to put down and not only that but his books stay with the reader for a lifetime. There are days when I as a reader have started feeling I am in Kafka's shoes or that a pile of fish will rain from the sky any minute now.

What is it about Murakami's world that pulls us into it so easily and keeps us there for a long long time? To add to this charm, he works are not originally written in English, they are written in Japanese and translations are available. So how does the entire planet connect to this brilliant man's words in a way that is too divine to explain?

To begin with, his writing style is so simple and free flowing that one doesn't know when he or she ends up reading 300 pages back to back. His sense of weaving mundane routine things of life to complex ideologies is what makes him more of a magician than just a writer. He writes characters that we can easily develop connections with, his world is so close to reality that it sometimes gets under your skin. His stories don't have wizards or end of the world theories, all they have is reality which is twisted in a way that it feels it is really happening.

His brilliance peeps through his characters who have an epic journey of relationships, friendship and love, not to forget sex. Sex has always been an integral part of his stories, be it lust or infatuation, he details out everything so perfectly that one cannot but fall in love with the stories.

Murakami plays with our heads, he transports us to his world and keeps throwing us back to reality every now and then. This ends up becoming a roller coaster ride for the readers, roller coaster of emotions to be more specific.

His latest book Killing Commendatore is out now and creating waves across the globe.

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