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Shubham Singh


The Acceptance

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5 months ago
5 months ago
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Have you ever failed?

Failing some day, somewhere at some point of time can be a nightmare. Failure is one of the great forms of fear which disguises itself as suicides in extreme cases. A human is known to be a puppet of mistakes. Mistakes, failures, learning, relearning and repetition of the same cycle is part and parcel of life. In the midst of these stages is a crucial transition. A period of anxiety and melancholy!

The Sour Grapes

A failure implies the victim giving thousands of excuses to the society and to himself. This is the dark route, or more specifically, a shortcut. Giving excuses against a failure is a shortcut to escape it but it is more like a rattrap. It never lets one out of the boundaries of self-comfort and ego. Then, what is the recommended solution?

Be a shameless failure, dare to fail

Thinking what people think of you is a bad thought to think about. Just strive hard, dare to fail!

Acceptance and continuation is the remedy.

Though accepting a failure is disheartening, but more satisfying. It is the door to numerous paths of knowledge, far away from ignorance and darkness. Live your part of the Abraham Lincoln. This is the key to success.

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