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Study says Being Lazy does not Mean You are Unproductive

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6 months ago
6 months ago
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A funny concept of how the right amount of selective work can lead to our mental and physical progress.

"I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job…because he will find an easy way to do it"

-Bill gates  

Whether we support Bill Gates’ precepts or not, biology certainly seems to do so; isn’t it amazing that only while we are asleep, cozily in our beds, the most productive of our hormones, that is, the thyroidal growth hormone, prolactin and the luteinizing hormone, are released in our body.

Although ninety two percent of the population of the world, says BBC, wishes to join the sporty strata of the society- there are eight percent of us who still wish to dwell within the Eden of our comfort; and to them I say, there is no need to trade a lazy body for an active brain, because in this era, the empty mind is certainly a workshop, but not the devil’s.

If you are, what the world proclaims, a ‘couch potato’, remember you are also the most avid storage of starch and in our analogy, ‘ideas’. People who do not like to go out much, who find walking, running or physical strain taxing are said to do so simply because their brain has a more complex thought process and it shirks from the external disturbance that leads it away from seeing the fulfillment of its imaginative ideas.

Lazy people are said to be the store houses of brilliant plans and novel projects because the ample oxygen that they take in is not utilized by their muscles, tissues but only by their brain.

But hold your horses there; I haven’t just given a justification to all the inactive, unprogressive bums in the planet. The word ‘lazy’ is just relative- one would do good to remember here, that being lazy means being selective of the work you do, and not entirely abstaining from work altogether.

If our body does not receive the right amount of physical exercise every day, the minimum being thirty minutes of cardio, the required level of adrenaline and serotonin starts declining from our blood stream causing a drift into superficial depression and general anxiety as well as peevishness- and then even the smallest of discrepancies begin to put you off.

Thus, you must offer at least some physical work load to your body, or the laziness will eventually start rubbing off on your brain- which we certainly do not want.

Thus, keep in mind another idea along with the many others you hold, that not only must you sit idle and think of brilliant worlds and make fantastic trips to unseen lands, you must also execute these very ideas- ensuring that your plan which was smart as a whip running through your neurons and your axons, actually becomes a working project.

Thus if you’re tired of hearing people, asking you to make the right life choices, you know exactly what aspects of your body and mind to work on, and you might just pass on a wise word to everyone. 

By Chaynika Tewari

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